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    nice one… i did not know that the uss cole was back on water to be honest! someone should speak to the sailors on board.. i am sure there must be some who were on board during the accident..

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    glad you pointed this out shiv. funny how this ship would not have stood out in the huge retinue of american destroyers if it hadn’t been holed by an audacious bunch of towel-heads with nothing on them except some slabs of plastic explo and enough chutzpah to kick the damn yankees where it hurts, not that i am condoning terrorism or anything! agree with anon though. someone should do a deeper story on the cole while she’s in indian waters. would be a waste to let her sail away without getting a good look.

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    No there is no one on board at the time of the bombing.

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    just came back from Goa where we ran into some boys off the USS COLE.They had a few days of r&r in a resort in south goa. It was a highlight to meet them and give them support from home.


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