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    the MiG’s chances of bagging the MRCA deal are as high as snowflake’s chances in hell. no amount of pseudo-nostalgia about the c(old) days will help revive the filthy reputation that the dastardly russkies have brought upon themselves as far as india is concerned. we should ensure that the t-90 is the last deal we ever do business with them over.

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    left wing nut job

    T-90 as last? Ha!

    We can look forward to 30 more years of Indo-Russkie entanglement through the PAK-FA program and the Vikramaditya fiasco… To name only two.

    The vodka will certainly be flowing smoothly in naya delhi for decades to come, no doubt. Although I have heard that a pony of Stoli and two ponies of Jim Beam does go down nicely 🙂

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    Don’t think he understands technology transfer quite as we do:

    “Then MiG will transfer the technology for their modernization to India. Our specialists will be sent to India to assist them and MiG will provide the Indian side with all necessary equipment. All the Indian Air Force MiG-29’s will be modernized, six of them in Russia and the rest in India.”

    Sounds to me like a put-it-together kit for our venerable birds.


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