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    Is it S K Sinha or J K Sinha?

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    If people wont mind me using some nasty words,we got the damn fuckers india had ever produced in the likes of present congress and the present HI-Fi officials.

    Forgetting a soldier is like neglecting a mother who gave birth and protecting all the life.And these fuckersss who came after 2 longgg weeks now shedding some honored dialouges …wooov

    Mr.Sam was the greatest of the greats.And he didnt yet received the honor for what he did for india.

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    J P Joshi

    BETTER LATE THAN NEVER…. the less said about our political leadership, the better. However, what was sad was that even the top men in uniform did not find time to attend the Field Marshal’s funeral. I had the honour to be within hand shaking distance of this charismatic soldier on one night at Wellington. He sure was a legend. Sam Sir, may your soul rest in peace.

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    I still say: Too Little Too late


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