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    let us see what happens
    best thing is thrr service chief should render resignation in case fore core issues are not resolved favourably before deewali as promised

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    Indian army officer? The group B officer.

    Thank you shiv
    so you remember us
    i thought you forgot like our own Gen who are now CM of state and has never spoken even a single sentence in our favour, and like any other politician.
    just because we have not voting power.
    just see how raj thakre sorted out problems of youths of jet airways in just 24 hours.

    i wish we also get some raj thakery who can help

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    I trust there will be a solution soon.

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    Becoming chief is the heighest honour for any soldier.No governership or any thing else can match this pious profession. If reqd our chiefs must resign if our core issues are not addressed.They will always be remembered as the saviours of this nation. Let baboos run this country with PMFs. I really admire their(baboos) guts.
    Jai Hind.

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    When will that soon come friend.Govt has all the time to take cabinet decision on innoculation of animals but does not find time to adress our issue.Testing patience?

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    Anomalies in defence pay scales will be rectified: Antony
    Indo-Asian News Service
    Thiruvananthapuram, September 27, 2008

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    Anomalies in pay scales for defence personnel in the Sixth Pay Commission will be sorted out soon, and the armed forces “will celebrate Diwali” by collecting their new salaries, Defence Minister A.K. Antony promised on Saturday.

    Speaking to reporters here, Antony rubbished news reports that the Indian armed forces personnel would observe the forthcoming festival of lights on Oct 28 as ‘Black Diwali’ over the newly announced pay scales.

    “Who told you such things? Such a thing is not going to happen. When the Pay Commission came out with new pay scales, I agree there were some anomalies for the armed forces personnel. But don’t worry. We will sort out all such issues and they will celebrate Diwali by collecting their new pay scales,” Antony said.

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    Well, the above promise made by Antony is on Sep 27, and Diwali will be a month later than that. Promises made a month ago may or maynot be fulfilled.

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    God is great. Let us wait and see if God is greater than the CoS.

    Wahe Guru di faten

    As we tell our Hon’ble PM.

    Let us see he staked his political future for the Indo-US nuclear deal; will he stake India’s security for the CoS.

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    Indian army officer? The group B officer.

    why chief only should resign
    if the core issue does not come thru let all lt col should resign
    and prove that they are serious this time.

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    Oh, Ki Hoya, Kuchh Pata Lagya ya nahin. Sonia ne kya kaha bhai

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    So boring all this is becoming.As if Sonia cares. In November they have to announce elections and before that they have to close all defence transactions……..and in that deals are more important, especially the MMRCA and this is the only month. They dont have time for pay commission etc.

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    My Views - unvarnished

    Did Lt Gen Oberoi convince Sonia Gandhi? And so will the Armed Forces get their due on 29th October – not ad hoc not interim but fully and positively?

    Much as I pray that Pranabda will provide the magical wand, the keys are with Palaniappan Chidambaram Chettiar and the lock is guarded by Sushama Nath.

    71,000 crores to farmers (presumably) fetches votes (but for which party is the clincher).

    450 crores to defence personnel (serving and retired) does not fetch votes as most are not in their registered constituencies to vote; proxy votes are not allowed and postal ballot will reach them too late to make any difference.

    Therein lies the rub.

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    They have not met sonia……they were kicked out ……see the state of former vice chief oberoi………PLZ TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO VOTE OUT THIS GOVRENMENT MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS ARE VOTING AGAIST THE GOVT…..TO DEFEAT THIS UNJUST GOVT,,,VOTE FOR BJP

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    A letter to the Political Establishment

    The three wise ministers reviewing the armed forces’ pay, may like to remember a letter written in 320 BC by Kautilya (author of Arthasashtra) to Emperor Chandra Gupta Maurya:;
    “… My Lord, the day the Mauryan soldier has to demand his dues, or worse, plead for them, would neither have arrived overnight nor in vain. It will also bode ill for Magadha. For then, on that day, you my Lord, will have lost all moral sanction to be king! It will also be the beginning of the end of the Mauryan Empire!!” ¦

    While I do not, even in a in a dream, think of bidding ill for Indian Republic, I would like to appeal to the three honorable members, thus;

    “…..My Lords, there has been lots of changes in the nature and functioning of Indian Democracy. True inheritors of Nehruvian legacy like your good selves have progressed from the initial “One Party Rule” to “Coalition of Parties”. The Democracy has graduated to “Functioning Pluralism and Management of Diversities”. This consensus fundamental approach of Polity has taken India toward progress, greater satisfaction and preventions of “Thousand Mutinies”. However, My Lords, Your Bureaucracy is running contrary to the requirements of society and good governance in which IAS and IPS has emerged as truly “Autocratic Institutions”. The Secretaries and DGP function as Taliban “War Lords” trampling over all others. They now have embarked on destruction of the last bastion of our “Freedom”, the Armed Forces, and perhaps the only “Nation Institution” which may come in their way in replacing you as masters. It has been relegated to a status below Police.

    My Lord this is what is “Coup” and disobedience of “Political Will” and not what is being made out. Your attention is being diverted by raising bogey of “Armed Forces Disobedience”. ‘Autocracy of Bureaucrats and Police” is the “Core” issue for your survival and “Survival of Democracy” as the IAS has already started calling themselves “Permanent Executives” and the “Political Control” and not the Servants. Your realization that this is the “Core” issue will automatically solve many other and related “Core” issues.

    Thanking you.”

  17. 17


    That is absolutely correct….

    All anomalies arise because IAS put theselves on top and evry one else far below them…
    To side track the issue…then they create many other anomalies…

    All start cying….
    The main issue as to why IAS is on top gets burries and side lined…

    It is so simple…HaHaHaHa….

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    Oh so this is becoming political. Good …I knew that the BJP would resort to something like this and play this as thier trump card in the elections. But the services were never a vote bank and never will be, but the babus are.

    In the comments of the last post , below, someone has written about how quickly the services dispense thier cases and also give justice, citing A K Lal’s case and the Booze Brigadier, which is not possible in bureacracy.

    My dear friend,you be be correct, but don’t forget those cases , and there are innumerable , of harassment, irregularities , court martials, and now court cases going on, and many of them unreported, unnoticed. I am not comparing the services with babudom but needless to say corruption is everywhere and why do you forget the top leadership? An army Chief has given favours to the PM’s wife to win the Governorship of a north-eastern state, recently.

    This argument about corruption level and redressal of woes etc, will not cut much ice when pay commission is being decided, by the way, so no point.

    Just stick to the point.

  19. 19


    Why Babujis are very sad and gone completely mad???

    Because, unlike previus CPCs they have been been able to make IAF fight aginst the Army and Army against the Navy, fliers aginst the Technicians and Executives angist the engineers…

    That is why they are actively raking up issues of MNS as that is Kerala dominated issue…they are deliberately pushed MES and BRO aginst the uniform…

    Good going IAS….God bless you and this Country!!!!!!!

    How has leteers written by Services Chiefs to the Cab Secy of be made available to the Press. If this is “Coup” then what is it….????

    Any takers in IAS??????

    There should be a National Inquerry into this…Cab Secy has become a threat to the nation…

  20. 20


    @Ano Babu

    You said:
    “the services were never a vote bank and never will be, but the babus are.”

    Oh Yes, Vote Bank they are. IAS is a strong Vote Bank of about 1595!!!!!!

    NO DO NOT USE THAT NAME !! They are fund raiser, black money collectors, govt fund divertors to plotical parties, gobblers of Flood Relief/ distar / farmers assitance amounts into Political Coffers, informers, chuglikhors and

    “Finally the vote riggers..and killers of peoples menadate.”

    Undoubtedly IAS and IPS have great Political value.. IAS ans IPS association are fund raiser for Political Parties.. and danda masters to manipulate votting…who does not know it..

    You are committed Bureacracy after all..!!!

    No one ever said in this Country inclding Indira we have Committed Armed Forces.

    Do not fool around. Such gosspis are suitable for the meetings of IAS assoctian only….

  21. 21


    A Fuazi Today Recalls “Faiz Ahmad Faiz”

    Nissar Main Tiri Galiyon Pe Ye Watan Ki Jahan
    Challi Hai Rasma Koi Fauzi Na Sar Utha Ke Chale
    Jo Koi Chahane Wala Tawaaf Ko Nikale
    Nazar Chura Ke Chale, Jismon Jan Bacha Ke Chale

    ( Sacrificed be my life For the ways of My Country, Oh Mother, where
    It has become now a tradition that No Fauzi shall walk with his “Head” high
    If one ventures out for a good look at thee, Oh you my mother
    He would better do that with down caste eyes and with fare of safty of his self)


    Bahut Hain Zulm Ke Daste-Bahaana-Zu ke Liye
    Jo Chand Ahale-Junu Tere Naam Lewa Hain
    Bane Hain Ahale-Hawas Muddayi Bhi Munsif Bhi
    kisse Waqil Karen Kisasai Munsiffi Chahen

    (There are enough (IAS) hands writting on our percieved and false follies
    And those very few are who proseper in your Name, Oh Mother Land !
    Those Corrupts Masters have become Executioners and Judges Themselves
    Who will then argue our Case and who will deliver the Justice ?? )


    Yuhin Hamesh Ulzhati Rahi Hia Zulm Se Khalq
    Na Unaki Rasm Nayi Hai Na Apani Reet Nayin
    Yuhin Hamesha Khiaye Hain Hamane Aaag Men Fool
    Na Unaki Haar Nayin Hai Na Apani Zeet Nayin

    (The majority has also been struggling against injustice, thus
    This is neither new for them Nor for Us
    We have, though, been growing flowers out of fire , Oh Mother
    Neither is their defeat a nw thing , Nor the Victory for Us )


    Issi Sabab Men Falaq Ka Gila Nahin Karate
    Tire Firaaq Men Ham Dil Bura Nahin Karate

    ( With that thought in mind we carried on with insults ajar
    In Love of you Oh Mother !, we have not degraded so far)

    Tha above is selctive and being presented with comments.( IAS) above is inserted.

    Jai Hind, Oh Mother ! Jai Hind

  22. 22


    Wah wah!! kya kehne hain

  23. 23


    If the demands are not met all officers should resign not only the three chiefs. Let the IAS and IPS defend the nation. They will shit and piss in their pants.

  24. 24


    Makes one cry…
    Nissar main teri galiyon pe ye watan…

  25. 25


    Premature retirement in Army not an easy affair now. Pl read

  26. 26


    So, Vijai Oberoi has gone and embarassed himself in front of Rajmata Soniaji has he? Perhaps these IESM chaps have not heard of taking an appointment? I wonder whether this government has any intention of rectifying these anomalies. There is a danger of fifth columninsts ruining the armed forces, and us citizens paying the price!

  27. 27


    you said:
    “There is a danger of fifth columninsts ruining the armed forces, and us citizens paying the price!”

    the Fifth Columnists in the Bureacrcy have sabotaged the Army. Ask your pops as to why should you the price for their action. Your Secirity is being eaten by termites from inside and people like you are axing it from outside…..

    Security is under attack from both the sides….so friends if they take you to Swat as casual labour for Taliban, (and for other purposes too) it would be your mistake…. why cry Baby…

  28. 28


    btw sonia did not even meet these jokers. she sent her emmissary chamcha ambika soni to meet these old fogies. they handed over some kagaz to ambika, who is probably wiping madam’s feet with it as we speak.

  29. 29


    i think nobody even spoke to sonia about the meeting..the people concerned had ended up speaking only to soni…

  30. 30


    Ano Above..

    You do not not know any thing about Gen Oberoi it seems or you would not called a mn like hima joker. He gave his entir life and limbs too for the Country. It pains me to realise should he realise at this stage what he did for a fifth columnist creatures like you was worth it..

    You will have to take seven more birth to attain a dedicated service of his standard…

    I know it is not enough for scums like you who wipe their backsides every day with the “Constitution of India…” because that Consttution gives freedom to do so…and since you are ano say whatever you like… I wish you would have told me that on my face..

    All the best buddy…

  31. 31


    Alas you have misunderstood me. I am as filled with rage as you that they were refused an appointment! I am angry that they out themselves in a position where they could be humiliated by smaller people than themselves. I am angry that fifth columnists have hardened the hearts of various governments against the forces. I am angry. And I am despondent. And I am a civilian. Imagine how the armed forces feel.

  32. 32


    Tut, tut, Gentlemen!
    Cheer up you buggers.
    An important part of our ability to enjoy the vagaries of military life is the ready sense to laugh at ourselves. So here’s something to dissipate some of the anger. It has been floating in cyberspace for some time now.

    “Due to the current financial situation the Armed Forces has decided to a scheme for employees over 40 years of age to proceed on early retirement. This scheme will be known as RAPE (Retire Aged People Early).Persons selected to be RAPED can apply to their HQ to be eligible for the SHAFT scheme (Special Help After Termination). Persons who have been RAPED, once SHAFTED will be reviewed under the SCREW scheme (Scheme Covering Early Retired Workers). Person may be RAPED once, SHAFTED twice and SCREWED as many times as HQs deems appropriate. Persons who have been RAPED can only gets AIDS (Additional Income for Dependants or Spouse) or HERPES (Half Earnings of Retired Personnel Early Severance). Obviously persons who have AIDS or HERPES will not be SHAFTED or SCREWED any further by the HQ. Persons staying on will receive as much SHIT (Special High Intensity Training) as possible. The Armed Forces has always prided itself on the amount of SHIT it gives its employees. Should you feel that you do not receive enough SHIT, please bring it to the attention of your Superiors. They have been trained to give you all the SHIT you can handle.”

  33. 33


    It is all over bar the shouting and wringing of hands. The Indian Arseholes Service did to the Armed Forces what Pakistan could not do in 3 wars and Kargil but the Chinese did in 1962, thanks to Pt Nehru.

  34. 34


    Ano Above …

    You mean to say Indian Zenes of treachery, traitors and Fifth Columnists..

    You means to say trecherious Pundits, Jay Chands, Mir Khans. and the Pants and Pandeys of Maharastra who betrayed Shivaji. and led this country to slavery..

    when “Budha smiled” and nuc tests were conducted…except for DRDO Kalam / Kakodkar (DRDO /ISRO)and Armed Forces, No one including Cab Sec, No IAS was taken into Confidance…

    That is why CIA could not come to know about it…It is on records..no one need contest it…

    I have no doubt…as also the knowing leadership of this Country that these IAS guys at higher level are in CIA pockts and pay rolls..earlier they used be in KGB pockets..now CIA has won..if CIA offers less..they will shift to ISI… simple…

    I undurstand this is very serious allagation…but events have proved it true.. there are enough written evidences for saying that..those may be incorrect..but media used used by IAS is as good as media used by others…

    It has happened in the history and the civilisation of many Countries and Societies, that its so called elites like IAS were won over by their personal prejudices, lust for money, power and good position for their offsprings in the US and other foreign country.
    Many sold their Country only for that much including elites in India.

    Barring rare exceptions, no one in Armed Forces did it. They were isolated. No body could work on them as, thank God, they were away from that stupidity.

    Why there is so much hue and cry in IAS about Armed forces??
    What have they to do any thing Miliatry..being in mare than 25 ministeries…

    Their Concern is only about the price of information they will provide to others. The biggest priced information being on Security of the Natuin. Their Prime Business will be Copmpromised.

    Wahatever is happening and has happenned, is clear “No Confidence”motion passed on the IAS about the security of the Nation. In thsi respect IPS record has been far better. IAS have been the traitors. Even “Foreign Servuce” officers do not trust them.

    How can they be put in charge of Defence where teay leak each and every thing confidental to the “paid” press…

    Stop it…Can sacy and and IAS Secretaries… I assure you ..for the Country you all are unreliable..
    Bear that truth of modern day traitors…

  35. 35


    Why waste so many bright young military officers as ADCs to Governors ? What military function do they have

  36. 36


    What is happening on this issue? What happened to resolving all the matters before Diwali?

    When will this get fixed?

  37. 37


    Prepare for a black Diwali, Friend.

  38. 38


    Wish you all a very happy Diwali, that is all .To add to things the Bihari boy ( Rahul )has done as true nationalist should do .If you feel strongly about any subject just do it , life will be served well

  39. 39


    The best comment:-
    without any ofence or valgurity ,there is lot of truth in that comment
    We already see all that crap happening in the form of COS,GOM ,ANNO COM, AF COM…etc. Ultimately very little in action.


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