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    how much money v have to spend on these exercises,this is an unnessary spending which has no out comescuz these r no more than spying exercises to know how the systems of other navies ,air force work

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    @anon above:
    If you can sit in your home read some blogs, putting comments can think such a critical possibility of information spying, think about men in the services whose whole job and life are thinking about these so called issues you said. Think about how careful in their duties and their doctrines are un measurable and which will never be exposed to civilians.
    Now a days its become a fashion to criticise personnel in service saying that they are dumb and people assuming themselves brilliant. Change yourselves guys.

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    to MR.WHITE above

    just shut up others r not dumb and they have some reason to criticize these exercises

    and for ur comment “possibility of information spying”

    what happened to su30mki when it was being spied by US ELINT AIRCRAFT its well proven

    and yes their is spying in NAVY TOO getting information that how far our sonars detect and HOW THEY WORK,how radars on ships work,what r the noise pattern of the ships

    what about in previous naval exercise in which our ship detected a los angeles about 8 km for what americans came to know about this

    thats y do not blame others


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