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    Please arrange a face to face debate while including ministers , all three service chiefs,major defence think tanks like K SUBRAMANIYAN and Journalits also ex service men of the three forcess.

    Indian people need an answer as why our personnel of defence forcess need to beg infront of corrupt and greedy politicians and burocrats for their genuin causes ? WHY ?

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    @ all, pse read this


    so much for the NSFG grade being superior

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    I believe that if all the demands are not met the right action for the forces will be to fight for their honour- which will mean a coup. And I believe why not? It is high time to root out corrpution at all levels in the country which democratic governments ahave failed to achieve so far.

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    Dear sir this is addressed to all and th GoM,

    GoI has a system of maintaining a parity in the “Class A Services” of the the central Govt. Merely by putting a brigadiers Stars by a Security Guard, one can not claim the status of a Brigadier or a Colonel. The status and parity must be granted as per “rule of law” and not as expediency.

    Unfortunately IAS and IPS are behaving worse than the Security Guards putting on generals ranks in their sustained efforts to take over “the Political Space”. They have let their uncalled for animosity and inimical attitude against all the Class A services take over their “elitist” roles and they have pounced over the easiest and innocent target called “the Armed Forces of Indian Union”. Otherwise how dare a young IAS or IPS think he is better than a combat soldier, combat flier or a submariner in deciding on his professional norms, leave aside a General. The state paid commandos protecting them to “protect democracy” and defeat enemy designs does not mean they are so much better then them that they declare their protectors as slaves.

    While most of IAS/ IPS officers children, as per admitted official figures are affluent new elites in the shape of “NRI” in USA and Europe, their IAS / IPS fathers are busy destroying the fundamentals of the Country.

    Now, look at this tamasha. CPOs who are not even Class A Central Services and is actually meant for parking slots and promotional avenue of IPS, is staking claims against the largest and most organized class A, all India Services called Armed Forces of Indian Union.

    As per DOPT definition of Class A Services, No CPO is class A Service, still their demands are reportedly being entertained by the GoM against genuine demands and aspiration of the Armed Forces.

    Simultaneously, many interesting but politically dangerous prejudices are being voiced. Some one says like the IAS that they are “Permanent Executives” and they claim they are what constitutes “political Control”. The other like IPS are quietly sabotaging Armed Forces interests at the election time or otherwise. These both agencies now joined by some elements in the foreign office are intent upon sorting out the largest Class A service, the Armed Forces, before sorting out each other, which they are bound to do.

    That is the logic of Max Weber’s and Talcot Parsons findings on “Competitive Elites”. The Political Masters are confused, not understanding it and their neutrality is at this juncture thus would be most valuable. Let the Political masters put the IAS in their place as IAS is usurping on their authority in content and form and they are pronouncing themselves as “Permanent Executives”. If the Political class find IAS and IPS pervading in states and Center, they better wreck it with out fear of breakdown. I think that time is gone. There are thousands of other agencies including the Congress party structure itself which can be integrating factors. We have passed over the tides of enemies of “Unions” and Mutiny by the Army. All the mutinies now are Political and not necessarily anti national and there is no fear of IAS / IPS generated fear of mutiny of the Armed Forces.

    Therefore, I would like to appeal to the GoM not to scuttle Claims of the largest All India and Central Govt class A Service to appease rag tag unorganized organizations called CPOs who are not even Class A services.

    As per rules, No NFSG can be granted them leave leave aside equation of their erstwhile Major commandant with the Colonel.

    Dear GoM I do not understand why every one in the Central Services want to jump over and down grade Armed forces status specially when Armed Forces does not compete with any Class A Service in any sphere including bribes and corruption. Armed Forces sphare of activities is so different and not competitive with any one.

    Honorable GoM is being thoroughly misguided and mis advised as per press reports so far… I request them to take into account principles of larger National Interests, justice, equity and fair play and then decide on the issues. They are requested to ignore shorter utility of IAS and IPS for elections in view. Congress knows that in spite of largest state machineries parties win or loose. So fore-go unrealistic electoral temptations in favor of larger Political interests.

    Congress as a Party in spite of Win or loss in ensuing elections, will remain for thousands of years. Let short time benefits not guide the GoM for longer social and political benefits by being taken hostages the IAS. By doing that you shall be doing good to you but destroying future of “Rahul Baba” and Sonia…

    Jai Hind

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    You have done a great job till now.One last request from all forces at least expose the selective leak mechanism instituted so cleverly by the IAS babus.See for example of the 55 pages in the Defence Standing Commitee report why only page 42 was leaked to the press why not the other pages which list out the stresses on officers. Second NDTV ran a story on Siachen clothes. Shouldn’t we call it selective blackmail. Expose why Army is not issuing rebuttals -you will get the answer there-check on the gag order given to PRO through RTI you will get another answer there.We shall be ever grateful to you if you bring these facts to light of course at the peril of your channel going the Tehelka way.


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    There is No Davide and rule..
    Four demands and bare minimum as Armed Forces actually are not like Police or IAS Unions and do not know “negation”.

    Their demand are vital bare minimum and all inclusove…by meeting the demands of Lt Cols…we Lt Cols will not let our Generals down…

    Lt Cols and Jawans can not not let their Cols , brigs and maj gens down…

    It is organizational demand which run across rank and file and let no one Davide us…

    Either all demand are met or No demand is met…Let it be clear from the junior lots…

    Please do not divide us…it will fail…No one will accept partial redressal….

    I will request all Lt gen and equivalents including chiefs to resign if all demands are not fulfilled…such historic opportunities arise but few..

    I am sure the generals will understand what will be their “izzat” if any one accepts something over the sacking of their leaders…we do not require Kauals, Gen Vaidyas ans Sushil Kumars in our Armed Forces…

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    Firstly Headlines Today cannot go the Tehelka way, as it does not have balls. They are hushing and sweeping the Soumya murder case investigation, you think they will go into investigative journalism.

    The Today Group is pro-government and even if there is a gag order which goes against the government, you think they’ll expose it, and least of all Shiv Aroor, who is busy celebrating, attending birthday parties and boozing.

    As it is he was used by selective officers to further their cause, which irked the babus, hence the gag on the remaining parts of the series in the pay commission package.

    Shiv Aroor does not even know how to move an RTI, which address to send which queries and where to buy a postal order from and where registeries are done.

    NDTV, well thats another NGO, from what I’ve heard from a colleague of mine who is an ex-NDTV. He says they only do pro-services stories to stay in their good books and be invited for functions and parties. Only positive, propaganda stories for the government is what they do. Will never do an expose, so where from the rebuttals will come.

    This Shiv Aroor who stays online all night only to chat or do facebooking, or blogging, since when have you started expecting anything from him. His comfort zone started after his exit from Express and his joining Headlines, as we all know TV does not have journalism, has only pimping and prostitution. There are no stories, and no breaking stories and no exposes. Only made-up girls all over trapping men and speaking with an accent.

    Please tell print journalists what you want and expect and ask one of them to do these exposes, not TV chaps and certainly not Shiv Aroor who is busy with life of a different kind. Busy personal life he has as he has just found true love and he has to please his madam 24 hours.

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    Haha I see the above comment by Anon is obviously another ploy by the anti forces lobbies to try and bias yet another outlet against the armed forces. Shiv Aroor has done an excellent job reporting. Carry on, and dont let fraud posters discourage you! Haha, people really react in the funniest of ways…

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    Haha I see the above comment by Anon is obviously another ploy by the anti forces lobbies to try and bias yet another outlet against the armed forces. Shiv Aroor has done an excellent job reporting. Carry on, and dont let fraud posters discourage you! Haha, people really react in the funniest of ways…

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    Haha I see the above comment by Anon is obviously another ploy by the anti forces lobbies to try and bias yet another outlet against the armed forces. Shiv Aroor has done an excellent job reporting. Carry on, and dont let fraud posters discourage you! Haha, people really react in the funniest of ways…

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    pl read this article on website”http://www.govexec.com/dailyfed/0507/050307b2.htm”

    “Lawmaker backs pay parity, 3.5 percent raise for 2008By Brittany R. Ballenstedt bballenstedt@govexec.com May 3, 2007 The ranking Republican on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Thursday urged House appropriators to ensure parity in 2008 pay adjustments for civilian federal workers and members of the military.
    In a letter to leaders of the House Appropriations Committee, Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., argued that the military services and the government’s civilian employees work hard to provide protection to Americans, warranting an equal pay increase for the coming year.
    The move comes a day after a House Armed Services subcommittee approved a 3.5 percent pay increase for military personnel as part of the fiscal 2008 Defense authorization bill. “I believe it is critical civilian personnel receive a similar increase,” Davis said.
    He noted that the Bush administration’s 2008 budget proposal marks the second consecutive year the president has recognized the importance of pay parity between military and civilian employees. In nearly every year over the last two decades, Congress has provided identical pay adjustments to the two groups, he said.
    “I firmly believe it is imperative to continue this tradition,” Davis said, “not only to ensure pay parity between military and civilian employees, but to address, to the extent we can, the vast gap between public and private sector wages.”
    He cited Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that private sector employees earn at least 30 percent more than their public sector civilian counterparts and 10 percent more than their counterparts in the military.
    Davis noted that ensuring competitive pay for both military and civilian personnel will give the government an edge in recruiting and retaining top talent. “The federal government may never be able to compete with the private sector, dollar for dollar,” he said, “but we must ensure that we do not fall further behind in the battle for talent.””
    now look at ourselves

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    a must read for all:


    Keep the page for posterity..

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    How much money MES and BRO officers associations have paid MoD for changing definition of rank pay??

    Earning time for Tirkey????

    E-in-C..Listening please??

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    Indian army officer? The group B officer.

    If you do not know what you deserve then you do not deserve to get that.

    you do a survey and you will find that at least 75 percent of army officer do not know the meaning of class I officer, how much a class one officer of govt of india is getting. so practically they are make class II by baboos.

    do you think if all army officers just stop working today can the country survice even for a day.

    if all the four core issues are not met let all officers to put application for 1 day C/L together for personal reason and annonce that particular day to pakistan and china let us see what happens


    so all well wisher of army just make all army officers aware of everything like mr navdeep is doing in his site.

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    @Ano above..

    I do not who U R…. but very interesting and a graet Print Journalist it seems….
    I appreciate your excellant command over filthy language…

    nothing to do with you …Aroor or Any one else…

    .. did not know that you have such hatred for men in Uniform that you term even their children and relative as pimps and whores….

    God bless you with more filth…

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    Merger of Rank Pay with the Pay Scales.
    Keeping in view the difficulties being faced by the officers with regard to interpretation of Rank Pay, it is defined as follows:-

    “Rank Pay is admissible to the Commissioned Officers of the three Services, holding their rank either in a substantive or acting capacity. It is that element of their pay identified with their Rank, which, in turn, has a relationship with their scale of pay. It is granted separately in recognition of the specific needs of their conditions of service and command structure. It will consequently be taken into account for determining their entitlement to such of those financial benefits, concessions, etc, including retirement benefits, as are directly related to the basic pay or their pay scales.”

    Auth :- Govt. of India MoD letter No 1(26)/97/I/D(Pay/Services) dated 29 Feb 2000

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    MoD Babus comments on a file:

    “Goonge Nikal pare hain zuban ki talash men
    Babuon ke khilaaf ye sazis to dekhiye “

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    The recent overdose of anti-fauj coverage in the media smacks of a well orchestrated effort to control the minds of the nation’s millions who have, rightly, always looked up to the Armed Forces.

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    Wish Mr.Shiv Aroor had highlighted a peculiar situation arising from this controversy. It concerns the ex-servicemen group. It is the only segment to have received nothing. The civilian cadre & pensioners have got their revised pay/pensions, along with arrears. The serving military men & women have been given an ad hoc payment, The ex-servicemen, however, are yet to get anything. And they constitute a very large group. Isn't there an irony in it?

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    How Far have we Travelled in History

    "In Democratic India, Armed Forces are trated as "Enemies of the Country" having perfect "British Colonial" habbits who need to be constantlty downgraded at each and every oportunity. This Krishna Menon Nehruvian notion is still alive and kicking as zenetic disorder amonst the elites of South Block. See how far er travelled on that road and how our own so called "Civilan Royal Clarks" have downgraded the Armed Forces."
    Precedence in India is regulated by a Royal Warrant. dated the 6th of May 1871,
    Victoria, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith.
    To all to whom these presents shall come, greeting.
    Whereas it hath been represented unto Us that it is advisable to regulate the Rank and Precedence of persons holding appointments in the East Indies. In order to fix the same, and prevent all disputes, We do hereby declare that it is Our will and pleasure that the following Table be observed with respect to the Rank and Precedence of the persons hereinafter named, viz.: Governor-General and Viceroy of India. Governor of Madras. Governor of Bombay. President of the Council of the GovernorGeneral. Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal. Lieutenant-Governor of North-West Provinces. Lieutenant-Governor of the Punjaub. Commander-in-Chief in India, when a Member of Council. Chief Justice of Bengal. Bishop of Calcutta, Metropolitan of India. Chief Justices of Madras, Bombay and North-Western Provinces. Commanders-in-Chief in Madras and Bombay, when also Members of Council. Ordinary Members of the Council of the GovernorGeneral. Bishops of Madras and Bombay. Ordinary Members of Council in Madras and Bombay.
    Commander-in-Chief in India, when not a Member of Council. Puisne Judges of the High Courts of Calcutta, Madras, Bombay and North-Western Provinces. Commanders-in-Chief, Madras and Bombay, when not Members of Council. Chief Commissioners and Resident at Hyderabad. Military Officers above rank of Major-General. Additional Members of the Council of the GovernorGeneral when assembled to make laws, &c. Commodore commanding Her Majesty's Naval Forces in India. Judge Advocate General of India. Secretaries to the Government of India. Additional Members of the Councils of the Governors of Madras and Bombay when assembled to make laws, &c. Members of the Legislative Council of the Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal. Agents to the Governor-General in Rajpootana and Central India. Commissioner in Sind. Judges of the Chief Court, Punjaub. Chief Secretaries to the Governments of Madras and Bombay.
    First Class Civilians of 28 years' standing to rank with Major-Generals (now it is IAS of 14 years of service)
    Advocate General, Calcutta. Residents at Foreign Courts and Residents at Aden, the Persian Gulf and Bagdad. Recorders of Moulmein and Rangoon. Advocates-General, Madras and Bombay. Members of the Boards of Revenue, Bengal, Madras, North-West Provinces. Secretaries to Local Governments. Chief Engineer, 1st Class. Comptroller-General of Accounts in India. Directors General, Post Office, Telegraphs and Irrigation. Judicial Commissioners, Oude, Central Provinces, Mysore and Sind. Financial Commissioners in the Punjaub, Oude and Central Provinces. Archdeacon of Calcutta. Secretary to Council of Governor-General for making Laws, &c. Officers Commanding Brigades.
    This subject was considered by the House of Lords in February 1628, on the proposition of a committee that no foreign nobility has right of precedence within this realm before any peer of this kingdom.
    Civilians of 20 years' standing ranking with Colonels. Commissioners of Divisions. Directors of Public Instruction under Governments. Private Secretary to Viceroy. Military Secretary to Viceroy. Archdeacons of Madras and Bombay. Surveyor-General of India. Superintendent, Great Trigonometrical Survey. Sanitary Commissioner with Government of India. Superintendent of the Geological Survey in India. InspectorGeneral of Forests in India.
    Inspector-General of Police. Under Local Governments. Registrars-General.
    Standing Counsel to Government of India. Remembrancers of Legal Affairs, and Legal Advisers to the Government in the NorthWest Provinces and the Punjaub. Commissioners of Revenue Survey and Settlement. Chief Engineers, 2nd and 3rd Class, and Superintendents of Irrigation.
    Third Class Civilians of 12 years' standing ranking with Lieutenant-Colonels. Political Agents. Under-Secretaries to Government of India. Inspector-General of Education, Central Provinces, and DirectorsGeneral of Education, Oude, British Burmah, Berer and Mysore. Officers, 1st Grade, Education Department. Officers, 1st Grade, Financial Department. Private Secretaries to Governors. Military Secretaries to Governors. First Judges of Presidency Courts of Small Causes. Chief Magistrates of Presidency Towns. Administrator-General, Calcutta. Administrators-General, Madras and Bombay.
    Inspectors-General of Jails.
    Sanitary Commissioners. Under Local Governments. Conservators of ForesLs.
    Superintending Engineers, 1st Class. Deputy Directors of Post Office and Telegraphs and Directors of Traffic and Construction. Postmasters-General. Senior Chaplains. Officers, 1st Grade, Geological Survey. Officers, 2nd Grade, Education Department. Officers, 2nd Grade, Financial Department. Superintendents, 1st Grade, Telegraph Department.
    Fourth Class Civilians of 8 years' standing ranking with Majors.
    Assistant Political Agents. Officers, 2nd Grade, Geological Survey. Officers, 3rd Grade, Education Department. Officers, 3rd Grade, Financial Department. Superintendents, 2nd Grade, Telegraph Department. Government Solicitors.
    Fifth Class Civilians of 4 years' standing ranking with Captains.
    Junior Chaplains. Officers, 4th Grade, Education Department.
    Sixth Class Civilians of less than 4 years' standing to rank with Subalterns.
    Note I. – Commissioners of Divisions within their own Divisions, and Residents and Political Agents within the limits of their respective charges, to take precedence immediately before Civilians of the 1st Class.
    Note 2. – Collectors and Magistrates of Districts, and Deputy Commissioners of Districts, and the Chief Officer of each Presidency Municipality, to take precedence within their respective charges before the 3rd Class and Lieutenant-Colonels in the Army.
    Sheriffs to rank within their charges immediately after Lieutenant-Colonels in the Army.
    All Officers not mentioned in the above table, whose rank is regulated by comparison with rank in the Army, to have the same rank with reference to Civil Servants as is enjoyed by Military Officers of equal grades.
    All other persons who may not be mentioned in this table to take rank according to general usage, which is to be explained and determined by the Governor-General in Council in case any question shall arise.
    Nothing in the foregoing rules to disturb the existing practice relating to precedence at Native Courts, or on occasions of intercourse with Natives, and the Governor-General in Council to be empowered to make rules for such occasions in case any dispute shall arise.
    All ladies to take place according to the rank herein assigned to their respective husbands, with the exception of wives of Peers, and of ladies having precedence in England, independently of their husbands, and who are not in rank below the daughters of Barons; such ladies to take place according to their several ranks, with reference to such precedence in England, immediately after the wives of Members of Council at the Presidencies in India.
    Given at Our Court at Windsor, this sixth day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-one, and in the thirty-fourth year of our Reign.
    By Her Majesty's Command.

    Question Arises:

    Are Armed forces Citizens of the Country or mercinaries of Raj who need constant downgradation? o be treated as slaves?

    Second set of question Arise:
    who are the Armed Forces Protecting??

    Are Armed Forces part of the system ?? Or Enemies of the system??.

    Whoes Country is this??


    Who is better represe the people and Democracy?? Armed Forces or the Bureaucrate??

    Answer these and the precedences will fall in place.

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    @anony 6.14pm
    Where is the question of any payment for ex-servicemen when their notification has not yet been issued?

  23. 23


    India Today is being used by Tha govt and IPS as the front and prime chanel to malign Ex-Servicemn as terrorists and bomb makers..??

    In the scheme of things tha IB R&AW and may be so calledd NSA are out righty putting unacceptable blames on the ex – officers in MP and calling them terrorists…

    They are ensuring ex- servicemen and servicemen revolt…

    What are they upto….

  24. 24


    The so called our government has achieved what the Pakishthan failed to achieve in three wars -Break the back bone of the Indian Defece Forces. Our Hon’ble Defence Minister deserve all the credits. People of Kerala knew Mr.AK Antoneys calibre. Noone could imagine that he can destroy even the Defence Forces beating all his predecessors of last 60 years. He has done it.
    We had doubt that the PSI had penetrated the CDA(Pention) to squash the Veteran. Now they have suceededin enering teh 6th Pay Commission also. A nice way to defeat India.

  25. 25


    Sadhavi will be arrested to garner Muslim votes.. which appear to have become crucials fo UPA..

    .. Ex servicemen have been arrested to weaken their movement and discredit thier image so that their movements during election time does not get public symaphy. Declaring and showing them as terrorist amy also prohibit Political Prties to take up their cause…

    Ultimate link Indian Armed Forces to Terrorists..and terrorism in the Country..

    What an IAS/IPS Strategy ?? Sounds like Meerut or Lahore Consiracy cases….

    Every Indian Infantry / Engineer / Ordanance soldier is trained in use of explosives…put all behind bars as terrorists..???

    Billion terrorists in the country….???

  26. 26


    Malegaon blast: Two ex-Army men held


    Sources said one of the officers was Major (Retd) Prabhakar Kulkarni. He had served the Territorial Army, the military’s civilian wing, for nearly 12 years before heading the Bhonsala Military School and College, Nashik, run by the Central Hindu Military Education Society.

    Sources identified the other officer only as ‘Upadhye’, working with the military intelligence.

    Sources in the Southern Command Headquarters of the Indian Army at Pune said they received a directive from Delhi to probe the association of serving or retired personnel in the Malegaon blast.
    Sources said the officers’ names were revealed during the questioning of arrested Hindu activists Sadhvi Pradnyasingh Thakur, Shivnarayansing Kalsangram and Shyam Sahu, all from Madhya Pradesh.

    Sources said Kulkarni and Upadhye were suspected to be running a private military school. The ATS suspects they may have supplied explosives to the Malegaon bombers. Forensic tests showed that RDX was used in the attack.

    © Copyright 2008 HT Media Ltd. All rights reserved.

    Now this is what the responsible Indian Media calls Ex Army…???

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    pl publish the Spl Army Inst so we know what is there. Then we will know if it is a Happy Diwali of not

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    What did you expect from an Italian Maharani?

  29. 29


    then fuck Italian Maharani


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