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    Carry on Shiv…You are doing a good job man.
    only suggestion is try to higlite and provide more coverage in TV other media ..where ever you can On issues like 6th PC and Armed Forces,Delays in all DRDO Projects, Arjun Saaga ,LCA Saaga..involbe general but knowledged/aware Indian citizens in discussions/ as to open eyes of Indian Burocrats/Governmen.
    A humble request from an Indian

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    great work shiv. nobody is sick of photos overkill. the more you post, the happier we are. as civilians we do not get a chance to see these great weapons and systems being developed by our nation and that too indiginously. so it is a treat always. dont hesitate to put up pictures or posts any time and all the time. thanks for the wonderful effort you are making and the excellent job you are doing on your channel also. i wish you the best.

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    Holding my breath!

    That Adm Sureesh Mehta is announcing he is resigning as the GoM passed the buck to Sushama Nath?

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    No Sushama Nath is joining the Armed Forces – Chief of Oncology at the R & R Hospital to remove the cancer of Armed Forces complaints over the anomalies.

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    hail the great Field Marshal Sushma Nath!! Fisrt woman Field marshal of India (honorary though!!! ha ha ha ha ha )

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    Sorry, this not HAL built. If HAL knew how to build AJTs India wouldn’t buy them from UK.

    This is an HAL assembled AJT. Kind of like how you prepare Maggi noodles or assemble a simple Lego toy by reading instructions.

    HAL can’t manufacture AJT. They do not have the intellectual and other infrastructure.

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    I don’t understand.
    The weather was good enough to fly a HAL Hawk but not good enough to fly the Tejas???
    They both are fixed wing aircraft. If a Hawk can be seen flying in the clouds, a Tejas should also be.
    Was something else the case?

  8. 8


    what abt pay commission, aroor??

  9. 9

    ABCD of things

    He’s busy yaar.

    Anyway now the channels including Headlines Today are full of the Army – ironically a Lt Col (in Pay band 4?) Purohit.

    Be happy with what Sushama Nath and the CoS (Committee of Selfish) paid you. Be happy the Govt told you that there is a GoM (Group of Old Men?) who cannot do much – spirit is unwilling, flesh is weaker still!!

    Now what next – Sushama Nath as ED of World Bank when she superannuates when she does or will she be the next Cab Secy – 7th Pay Commission is only 7 years away.

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    To the anonymous Puke poster who wrote at 3:07 PM, yeah HAL built the Hawk, because all the tooling for it was provided by the BAe..its a question of semantics whether it was assembled or built, but being a Puke, you’ll obviously say it’s assembled.

    What has Pakistan achieved in its entire history? every scientific achievement is based on stealing, begging or copying IP that is not Pakistani..even today, they can’t even design and build a light aircraft on their own, let alone a complex fighter..Pakistan whores itself to China so it can get what they develop and then pretends that by painting it green, it becomes Pakistani. the entire nation of Pakistan is a joke..:D


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