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    What is the meaning of Shourya and also Covert?

    Kindly tell Shiv

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    Photos are fine. How abt the performance, technology, capabilities and operational utility?

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    mr shiv, can u also pleaseee provide some more information about this missile?? pictures r great, but pathetic if no info.

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    why is there some fuel leaking out from the left side?? is dat fuel??

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    Brilliant. Something along the lines of the S-300 isnt it?

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    Rahul Singh

    Anonymous@ 11:12 To me that red stream can’t be fuel. As in that case whole of missile should have caught the fire, as stream is touching fire exhaust. To me that looks like something of booster ejector.

    Aditya:- Details about SHOURYA is still wrapped but one thing is clear it a S2S. First S may stand for surface or submarine or both. SO no way it can be compared with S-300.

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    Shouarya means "Fearless". This is the land launched version of the Sub-launched K-15 missile. What is new about this missile are the following, which make it one of the top 10 surface to surface missile systems in the world:
    1. The missile is incredibly small, 10meters x 70 cm and is delivered in a factory sealed weather proof cannister. This cannister is ready to fire at very very short notice. Further more this cannister with the missile inside can be buried underground and left unattended without the missile being damaged in any form, whereupon it can be fired should the need arise.
    2. The missile dimensions allow it to carry the new generation of nuclear warheads that India has tested at Pokharan II in 1998.
    3. The incredible speed that the missile attains during the initial phase of its flight, allows it to go hypersonic within a few minutes of lift off (> Mach 5) compare this with other ballistic missiles which reach hypersonic velocities later and at quite high altitudes of >50 Km. This low altitude hypersonic flight is intended to make the missile immune to interception during the vulnerable boost phase after launch. The intense heat generated on the missile outer skin needs to be therefore redistributed and you can see a motor which performs a roll maneuver to rotate the missile along its long axis (This is the jet stream that you see just above the main exhaust)
    4. The missile is capable of very high "g" maneuvers when in flight which is the reason for the numerous small rocket motors on it along with the unusual arrangement of the fins. All these are to allow the missile to be capable of zig-zag maneuvers while remaining at very high velocity. This also allows the missile to not follow a classic ballistic parabolic pathway to its target. The system is capable of very high g evasive maneuvers to avoid and over come interception by any ABM system which might be used to target it. Please remember that with the arrival of advanced ABM systems on the scene will render traditional ballistic missiles at a massive disadvantage if they don't use measures to overcome such an attack.
    5. This missile makes use of a Laser Ring Gyroscope – the latest in ballistic missile targeting technology, developed in house by DRDO. There are other features installed which allow the missile almost pinpoint accuracy.

    In total the missiles features over 6 rocket motors that perform various tasks of stabilizing and targeting the missile.
    So finally this is going to be India's mass produced short ranged surface to surface missile for the 21st century.

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    gagan, thanks for your lecture…. can you please provide other examples of missiles in this class? thank you. ram

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    This is a repackaged brahmos(Yakhont/p-300 oniks) missile.
    Watch the launch sequence carefully:
    -Fst stage is a solid booster motor
    -the top cap is blown to expose the ramjet air intake.

    DRDO is trying to increase the range of brahmos by strapping a bigger fuel tank.But there is a big complication, due to MTCR Russia “cant not help” in this conversion. Lets see if DRDO gets any success in this.

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    Indian weapons are almost similar to russians , any way something is better than nothing. india try to produce at least these weapons in massive with high payload .


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