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    Looks like Shiv has permanently started writing for print. What about TV stories Shiv?

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    Shiv sir,

    This is where Pakistan's investment in proxy warfare (read
    terrorism) is turning out to be their single most potent weapon
    against us. Tomorrow when the war starts, while india will field one uniformed soldier Pakistan will field two terrorists for the price of one soldier. Unlike our soldiers their terrorists will not adhere to established army doctrines or Geneva conventions,
    they will strike wherever they choose, unleash fear & chaos and
    then disappear into thin air. Look at the immense strategic advantage which they possess because of their terrorist infrasture!! They have forced our Navy onto the backfoot without a single ship of their Navy even leaving their bases! So what should we do? I say it is not too late yet, let us take desperate & disillusioned youth from the most destitute villages all over India, provide them with arms (not .303 rifles for heavens sake!) & training and have them engage/be ready to engage in covert warfare against Pakistan in exactly the same way they've been doing to us. The other alternative scenarios are too scary to consider – 1)Pakistan's 'proxy army' will continue attacks a la 26/11 and we won't be able to hit back 2)Even if we hit back, our army will face an Iraq-type scenario like the US army or we'll be nuked back to the stone-age.

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    Bombay was Nothing less than Tom Clancy inspired special ops….

    Now Zardari says they are ready and they will hit back…

    What actually he is implying is that they have hit us in Mumbai and if india now hits, they will hit back..

    Logic is simple. Twidle your thumb…

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    Shivji, is Viraat back in the seas?

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    TV channels like Headlines Today& Times Now etc are unnecessarily creating war hysteria. I do not know what they achieve with this other than cheap publicity. But this kind wrong news report can trigger unwanted things.I feel some kind of censorship is required to handle this.Can you do your bit educating the media as I understand you are also part of Headlines Today.

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    Its not easy to sink a Aircraft carrier …they are accompanied by submarines,radars, gunships etc.

    If sunk it has to be an inside operation or a very low flying cruise missile.
    Sinking an Aircraft carrier is as good as taking the President house under attack.

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    And this is only my biggest worry of all not only for navy but army and air force as well everybody know during operation parakaram Pak spy detonate the more than 100 hundard trucks and also successfull in sabotaging small target if i am right.

    Suppose brain washed Paf pilot take off with full load and strike india than what no price guessing!

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    A civilian driver heating up fuel tank of his diesel vehicle laden with ammunition causing blasts and chain blasts was probably not a Napaki act..

    Self initiating Copper azide fuze ammunition stored in open setting off rockets and missiles …..

    Tch..tch… conduct of war is a complex job my dear

    but yes Napkies with their Jihadi suicidal depressed minds and strong desires of being with “hoors” in heaven ( being impossible on earth in the whole life), can be asked to do any thing…. any conceivable and unimaginable irrational acts of self destruction and suicide…

    Life conditions can force humans to take any risks and there are millions who can take such risks even for one hundred rupees…. the case in point is collection of scrap by poor boys under exploding bombs and firing….

    Well …well…Napakies and Mullahs have perfected art of exploiting such human conditions for military use… Azmal Qasab is a small example.

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    Sanjay>> let us take desperate & disillusioned youth from the most destitute villages all over India, provide them with arms (not .303 rifles for heavens sake!) & training and have them engage/be ready to engage in covert warfare against Pakistan in exactly the same way they've been doing to us.

    That would work only if we are fighting a defensive war – a very remote possibility as far as a war with Pakistan goes.

    And don’t worry too much about Pakistan’s “proxy army”. Every invading force has well-guarded flanks, and these terrorists, who are untrained for conventional warfare, will be easy meat for our well-trained forces. It is the regular PA that we need to worry about. In any case, these terrorists will never be use to their full potential unless India launches a full-scale invasion with the intention of holding large swathes of enemy territory – which does not appear to be what India wants to do.

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    BS these bombs were requested for a long time ago, and you know that Mr. Aroor, a proper request for these weapons was made a long time ago 26/11 did not prompt india to do this, have some professional ethics do not make a tragedy for us all a point to ride on.

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    Please notice the NAME of the caught terrorist…
    He belongs to a “Kasai” or Butcher family and hence he is known as “Kasai” instead of “Qasab” in PAk-Faridkot.

    I mean his name should be
    “Azmal Kasai” insteadof “Azmal Qasab” and hence naturally,there is no “Qasab” family in Pak-Faridkot.
    Looks some one very influencial guy in Mumbai Police or Mumbai ATS has done this …and possibly intentionally…and helping Pak in it’s design..of using artificially created state-less-actors for attacking india in pseudo war.

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    what india needs is the super-dvora MK-III, to counter such attacks. india needs atleast 30 super-dvora MK-3 to effectively counter such threats.


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