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    These guys seem to be as well equipped as the US soldiers. Ballistic helmets, good camouflage etc. It is a pity the Indian Army does not feel the need to equip our soldiers accordingly.

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    jeez man, they look like chaw-mow robot army. just no sign of any emotions on face.

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    wat plane did they come in?

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    They sure look better equipped than our Jawan’s.

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    left wing nut job

    The Indian Army doesn’t believe in uniforms. It believes in pluriforms. That’s the Jawans don’t share the same uniforms, might not even have the same guns or shoes, or helmet.

    Several different types of camos being used in the same theatre. Several different types of “standard issue” rifles from every corner of the planet. Different helmets (patkas, tin cans, camo’d tin cans, bandana, etc.).

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    They are much more and better equipped than the indian jawans!! 🙁
    Hope the IA fields their best against them during the exercise!

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    Jesus where are we against this guys.

    look at them just like pitbulls ready to jump.

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    Why the shoulders of our own Brig sahib drooping?
    Why he is giving a complexed look?Why can’t Indian Army send a real bull for occasions like this?

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    Oye,he is a Maj Gen man.

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    The Chinks are doing Military Exercises with India..

    destroying India by proxy of ISI and Lashkar by supplying them free grenades and AK56 and ammo…may be a little money too…

    who benefits the most if Indian cities are rendered unsafe…

    where will the investmnet go if India is unsfe>>?????

    Obviously to China……

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    PLA ke logon ko dekh ke GEN saheb ko inferiority complex ho after all he is just class II officer in this country

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    Oye peepul… please relax. These soldiers are from China, fer Chrissake! for God’s sake. All their interactions with phoreners are done to extract maximum psyops value. And by the looks of it, they seem to have had their effect on the average internet warrior.

    I don’t think this kit is what your average Chinese conscript sports.

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    But Left Wing Nut Job is right in that our men just don’t sport uniform kit. That gives an impressions of a lack of discipline, and makes us look like a militia instead of a professional army. This was evident at the Taj/Oberoi/Nariman House, where it seemed as if each NSG commando had a different kit.

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    Abhishek: Hope the IA fields their best against them during the exercise!

    Sure we can equip the soldiers nicely for exercises due to H&D reasons, but what about actual conflicts?

    Look how poorly the soldiers were equipped during Mumbai incident, and that was against terrorists. How are our jawans supposed to face such superior equipped force in real battle.

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    This is a photo op, but damn it they even nailed that.

    The common thread here seems to be our poor equipment. Dammit – they don’t even *need* all that gear in China.

    All you “modernisers” please take notice of a country doing certian things better.

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    Mayuresh Gaikwad

    I hope our army fields our regular forces (with their regular equipment only) against the chinese. No need to field any of our special forces.

    If our regular forces lose in the simulated exercise, it should be heavily publicised by the army as it will only be due to lack of equipment. Only then can the jack-asses sitting in the defence ministry take note and get better equipment for our forces.

    Can we have a comparative list of standard equipment carried by the PLA and those carried by our regular army jawans?

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    Mayuresh Gaikwad

    I hope our army fields our regular forces (with their regular equipment only) against the chinese. No need to field any of our special forces.

    If our regular forces lose in the simulated exercise, it should be heavily publicised by the army as it will only be due to lack of equipment. Only then can the jack-asses sitting in the defence ministry take note and get better equipment for our forces.

    Can we have a comparative list of standard equipment carried by the PLA and those carried by our regular army jawans?

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    What a shame in last sixty years the Indian Army has not been able to give proper dress material to its Jawans. They look shabby in the hundreds pattern dress that they wear. If there are twenty Indian soldiers on parade you will see twenty one pattern ot combat dress. This photo should be shown to the people responsible and they shoul hang thier head in shame if they have or they should drown in “CHULLU BHAR PANI” . Ofcourse they will have a Babuji type excuse ready for the poor turnout of the men. They might even blame the politicians for this. CAN WE SEE OUR BRAVE SOLDIERS DRESSED BETTER THAN THE CHINESE?????OR WILL THEY KEEP BUYING THE DRESS FROM UNIT BANIA FOR INSPECTION ON CO’S ORDERS???

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    comeon guys grow up!! damnit. of course the best studs will be here in joint exercise.however the pathetic state of chinese soldiers was revealed during OLYMPICS. KITNE BAJOO KITNE SUR GINNLE ——

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    There you go again. Rants of the self racist pseudo nationalists!

    Indian Army rules, while chinkis try their best to look and feel brave, chivalry is just a way of life for our jawans. Jai Hind.

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    Shoulders seem to be drooping more due to the camera angle than anything else. And yes, he’s a ajor Gen
    1 star – brigadier
    2 stars – maj gen
    3 stars – lt gen
    4 stars – GENERAL

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    PLA soldiers look smart, are well equipped, and would probably outsmart the Indian soldier with the INSAS rifle and steel helmets. Must acknowledge that the Indian soldier has the heart and guts to take on any battle but that alone isn’t enough. A soldier needs to feel confident of his gear to perform well ….

    Sad to see indian navy commando’s wearing bloody helmets worn by the motorcycle riders of 1990 in the Malabar 08 exercises.

    The Chinese are also issued half gloves … haven’t seen an indian soldier wear one. Their shoes also seem to be of a much better quality then what the indians are issued with.

    The smallest of things do matter and we as indians do not have any attention to details unlike the westerners and the chinese do.

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    All you whiners over there who think the Chinese are far better equipped, take a look at what extra a normal Indian jawan would need to look like one of these elite Chinese soldiers:

    1. Stylish looking, all-black gun – 1.5 lakh Rs.
    2. Colorful Digital Camoflage uniform with green banian – 2000 Rs
    3. Black leather riding gloves – 300 Rs.
    4. PASGT style Helmet – 20,000 Rs
    5. Shiny, new green ballistic jacket with extra pockets and dhobi-pressed – 50,000 Rs.

    Improvement in Combat effectiveness – ZERO!!!

    Mind you, the only thing that separates these elites from our regular guys is the lack of uniformity in equipment.

    1. Uniform – new camoflage pattern is already in, and is being inducted. If it works well, why go for high-tech digital camo?

    2. PASGT Helmet – being inducted.

    3. Rifle – Insas is excellent. Don’t make me start on reviews of the QBZ-95 rifle that these guys are holding.

    4. BPJs- Already using good ones. Army guys are quite well equipped. Improved ones are already being injected.

    Overall, we have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. We want an efficient army man, not a model walking a ramp. After all, terrorists die from bullets, not from bling.

    If you still keep whining, I can only say this – GET A LIFE!!!

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    So the Chinks are in Pune but we were there in Peking first guys:
    [1] The following** Indian Army Units won Battle Honours in China when they occupied their capital, other parts. With a straight face & impeccable logic the MEA ought to claim territory.

    [2] General VP Malik’s Regiment had a particularly nice time in Peking ( The spoils ie. treasures of war were taken home to Hindustan, please read their Regimental History ) Nice that the General’s son also joined the same Regiment.

    [3] In 1900, the US 6th cavalry attacked the walls of Peking in a charge accompanied by their loyal Desi pals Skinners Horse (details in list below)

    CHINA 1841 – 42
    [Auth GOsGG dated 15 Oct 1842 and 211 of 1843]
    Honour is granted with a Golden Dragon wearing an Imperial Crown. (Talk of rubbing it in !)

    Madras Sappers and Miners
    (A,B, F Companies)
    14th Madras Infantry
    2nd, 6th Madras Infantry
    36th, 37th Madras Infantry

    CHINA 1858-59
    [Auth Gazette of India No. 592 of 1892]

    7th Bengal Infantry
    11th Bengal Infantry
    10th Bengal Infantry

    TAKU FORTS 1860
    [Auth GN 134/1862, 732/1870, 244/1862 ]

    Madras Sappers & Miners (A and K Companies)
    23 Bengal Infantry (Ist Bn Sikh Pioneers)
    11th Bengal Cavalry
    19th Bengal Cavalry
    20th Bengal Infantry

    PEKING 1860
    [Auth GN 134/1862, 732/1870, 300/1862]

    Madras Sappers & Miners (A Company)
    23rd Bengal infantry
    11th Bengal cavalry
    19th Bengal cavalry
    20th Bengal cavbalry

    CHINA (1860-62)
    [Auth 592/1892]
    5th Bombay Infantry
    15th Bombay Infantry
    22nd Bombay Infantry
    27th Bombay Infantry

    PEKING 1900
    (Skinners Horse and The US 6th Cavalry rode side by side in a charge against the Chinese before the Walls of Peking)

    3rd Bombay Cavalry
    Jodhpur Lancers
    Madras Sappers and Miners
    Bengal Sappers and Miners
    Bombay Sappers and Miners
    22nd Bombay infantry
    2nd Rajput Infantry
    Bikaner Imperial Service Infantry
    6th Jat Infantry
    14th Sikh Infantry
    5th Hyderabad Contingent
    4th Gurkhas
    16th Bengal Lancers
    31st Bombay Infantry
    26th, 30th Baluch Infantry
    4th Punjab Infantry
    20th Punjab Infantry
    28th Madras Infantry
    3rd Madras Infantry ( 63rd Palam Cottah)
    1st Madras Pioneers
    34th Punjab Infantry ( 3rd Bn Sikh Pioneers)
    Malerkotla Sappers and Miners
    Alwar Infantry

    Can give you a photo of an original medal set(with me) of those wars. Many lying around in the Centres and Messes too. Some with collectors in Europe.

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    Vishal Nalkur

    Dude, whats going at Belgaum then?

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    kate tsui fan club

    Man another master piece of panda propaganda..where they are dressed up like the best glamour dolls of military..i see that alot of people here have inferiority complex..thats not true any country which goes for an joint exercise tries to present the best available eqiupment of its force..did all you people see the indian army kit which they were wearing during the joint exercise in china..and about people having doubts over different camo schme well it goes according do the terrain..the most commonly seen is the DANGRI,nw the indian army has shifted to the new digital camo.which you can see..i dont see any point in creating a panic and giving the indian army a rag ta,.and about the chinese wearing the ballistic helmets well if go through chinese army sites and various forums you will find that PLA still at large uses the tin buckets..thats the standard issue of that army..just like the bullet proof patka's and pasgt helmets which is used by our infantry in j&k..common dont get trapped so easily in the kind of psycho war they are playing and at what they are best..and about their training and the emotionless faces well i dont have to say anything..its the training which is more important other then facial expressions.our forces have shown their caliber at international stage be it the special forces exercise/competition held in south africa in 04 where our para's topped in many events,0r our NSG emerging out as the clear winner's in many events organised by gsg9 last year in germany.its time we see how the chinese army performs away from their own backyard.tell me how many times we heard the chinese forces topping in some international competition..iam not saying that the quality of thier training is bad but still some times its important to see if you are really moving from tactical to practical.I have no doubts that the chinese have sent thier bloody best they just cannot take any chances knowing the fact that the whole world will be looking at the exersices.REGARDS

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    Many Indians cannot accept the fact that the indian defense forces are yet to move into the 21st century….things are being done but pretty slow. By the time we implement and introduce something its already outdated …. good part about these exercises, with defense forces of other countries is it gives the public a reality check on the actual situation we are in. In fact until people get a reality check they cannot improve … coz they are under the impression that there is nothing improve.

    We still have a long way to go and the sooner we realize it the better … its not about equipping the army with bling, but with the best armament, coz they deserve it there lives do not come cheap.

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    First of all whenever you sent your Men to other Country You make Sure you give them Nice Weapons Good Protective Gear and all so that they LOOK Good ( Deadly ) or whatever

    How many of these Chini came for the exercise ? 1000 -,3000,5000 ……… You can arm them with the best you have got and send them so that the opposition feels the effect

    As far as I know There is not much Difference in the Armament Sector between India and China The Main and Important Factor which is Important and makes the real Difference is The Political Will and How much Focused are you in your Countries Policies Which I am sorry to Say the Chinese are way ahead of India and thats where we should I think Concentrate Getting our Priorities right( In our Countries Benefit ) and having a Political Will

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    Yes i agree that a strong political will is needed in india.

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    Hey guys equipment doenst matter its all about corouge and will power which a soldier really needs, and also brains. a normal soldier not so eqiuped well but still has a gun in his hand can take down the most well equiped person by believing in his self and also by using his brains

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    To all u ppl who r saying most PLA equipment shitty, STFU.The uniforms and gear the soldiers have in the pic r already replaced with equipment of even more advanced technology. Why do I know this? Cause both my cousins r officers in the PLA. Yea sure brag about ur "brave" soldiers, got the crap kicked out of us in 1962 eh? Wat were we then, a 13 year old country? We kicked the United States ass out of North Korea with our bare hands, how old were we then? freakin 2 years old! We haven't lost a single war since our country formed! PLA FTW


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