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    hey shiv,
    any update on the contract to be signed between ind and russia after price negotiation and when finally ins vikramaditya will hit sea trials

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    Awesome pics dear,I missed the show on times now…..But really nice pics i admit

  3. 3


    Oh boy!!!
    So does this condition of the ship mean that it wont be available incase a war breaks out with pakistan?? :O

  4. 4


    Very impressive!!
    Kudos Shiv! Are you in Severodvinsk?

    Anyways,the pictures, judjing from widescreen format and resolution look like vidcaps. Do post the full video if you can.

  5. 5


    so ,you are telling me we paid $2.5 billion for this??????????

  6. 6


    whats up with the big island,man?
    even USN supercarriers don’t have such big ones!

  7. 7


    scruising india the russian way!

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    Can you tell us a little more about video/documentary you took these pictures from? Would be intereted in watching it if I can lay my hands on it.
    You took these screenshots using VLC Player 😉

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    @Anon 1:58,

    Nope. They still need to finish all the wiring and as you can see from the scaffolding, some exertnal work too. And after it is delivered it will undergo extensive sea trials with the INS. So 2012 is probably a realistic date for operational induction.
    IMHO deployment of 2 aircraft carriers against Pakistan would be overkill.

    Dude…firstly its $2.5b including the brand spankin new air fleet(Mig-29K,Mig-29KUB trainer and the Kamov choppers). Secondly, its been almost completely refitted and updated. Including structural changes. So dont worry, she’s worth every penny.

    Also this is a Kiev class hybrid aircraft carrier. It’s design requirements also required to operate as a cruiser. This was what soviet naval doctrine entailed.Therefore the large island. Comparison with the Nimitz class doesn’t even arise.Its got a completely different duty.Vikramaditya is perfect( know..almost) for the littoral waters it’ll most likely be deployed in.

  10. 10


    nice pics Shiv. great post…

  11. 11


    An interesting ship. I wonder if the boilers are being replaced- if I remember correctly, there was a fire when the ship was in service.

    Again, off the top of my head, I think the vessel has 3 steam turbines, with 200,000 BHP total power.

    30Kts and up?

    An exciting addition to our force profile. Hopefully the indigenous ADS also comes in quickly, and so does the NLCA.

    And alongside all this, it should be ensured that along with all our civilian services, the armed forces are also upgraded. After all, time has marched on. Nowadays, civil servants reach SAG in 16 years of service, while Army officers reach the same grade at 34-35 years of service. Cadre reviews should happen in tandem with each other. Presently, by years of service, a full colonel should be in SAG. But this has not been adhered to. It is unfortunate.

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    @ abhijoy @12:10
    this was a Kiev class hybrid aircraft carrier,when in service with Ru navy… you might be knowing , the cruiser components like missiles and cannons which were on the original design on the fore deck have already been removed….Vikramaditya is supposed to be a pure a/c carrier.
    btw,even Viraat has an island that is bigger in size than comparable carriers from other navies.

  13. 14

    Aditya Singh

    Piece of junk we overpaid $1.3 billion dollars for over the initial cost. That money could have covered for more than 15% for the FID in retail that the government claims to get in the next 8-10 years. What a waste.


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