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    Can someone tell me why this lady visited the ENC. Moral boosting? Couldn’t be checking on Defence preparedness. She wouldn’t know the difference between a submarine and the posterior of a Cochin elephant. She had left the battlefield when the war was on and now she surfaces to get a free cap and some good chow. Her baratis would have mooched on the grub and taken home some freebies. The Supreme Commander of the Armed forces was in her cubbyhole when the Services were being humiliated. I wonder how without even an iota of remorse she would have gorged on the spread.
    New age Supreme Commanders?
    Yeh India hain meri Jaan!

  2. 2


    “President visits Eastern Naval Command”, what for???? to eat kaju and kishmish?? she should die in chullu bhar pani… can u accept her as supreme commander???? she is not commander, she is chammander, i.e. chaman…der…

  3. 3


    that stinking lady!
    shame on her! we haven’t forgotten how she continued on her foreign jaunt when our relatives were about to be killed / lay dying inside the Taj.

  4. 4


    And enjoyed life-because the fauj is too chivalrous to say what it should to all these free loaders. Supereme Commander,!!!***@@@

  5. 5

    Prasun K Sengupta

    Insinuations apart, the Supreme Commander’s maiden visit to a fleet command, in this case being the Eastern Naval Command, merely highlights the fact that the ENC has replaced the WNC as the Navy’s primary fleet command for the years to come.

  6. 6


    She has No role to play..grant it..
    forget it..
    Do not abuse or call names…

    She does not desrve even that… she is UPA president…

  7. 7

    Aditya From Dubai

    I really appreciate our armed forces they have to give importance to such nuts,

  8. 8


    down with pratiba!

  9. 9


    hey ,are those navy officers wearing Reebok shoes? I have same as those.

  10. 10


    Having this lady visit ENC is a disgrace to the navy.

  11. 11


    Cant comment on the President but what the hell is that traitor Shabbir Ali (Khadi clad idiot) doing there? He is the minorities welfare minister in the AP Govt. There was an article couple of months back in the IE that the state intelligence had specifically complained against him in interfering their job of investigating the Hyd blasts case. This b….rd along with the Owaisi thugs are taking the state for a ride and the shameless Govt is doing all them can to protect & back them. Just not to loose the most important minority votes. BTW did any news abt the prez visit to the ATV site? Hope that traitor was nt allowed inside the facility.


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