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    Why was the Arjun not paraded today.
    After all Arjun has been inducted and is in service with the army.

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    Mayuresh Gaikwad

    Absolutely pathetic display on this republic day.
    Some things which should have been shown, but were not:
    1. The Nag Missile System (with NAMICA et al)
    2. The Astra Missile
    3. Arjun and LCA – I doubt these will ever be paraded, given the drama and controversy surrounding them.
    4. Mig-21 Bisons & the Mig-29
    5. Surya-Kiran aerobatic team
    6. Sarang aerobatic team
    7. Some more state tableux – I noticed only 10 today. Atleast have a theme while showing the tableux – like having 7 different displays for the 7 sisters + displays for all small states and new states (Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttaranchal)

    One thing that I wish, could be shown is the special forces (probably the MARCOS) being paradropped precisely onto Rajpath in a single file, all landing simultaneously and marching.

    Also, did someone notice that the commentator kept referring to the Sukhois as "Sukhoi Mach-1" instead of Sukhoi MKI. As far as I know all flankers have been upgraded to the MKI standard. Shiv, can you pls confirm that the flankers were MKIs and that all flankers in India have been upgraded to MKI standards

    Did the terror threat actually scare the govt. into putting a smaller display?

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    do any developed countries still parade “weaponry” on their independence day?

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    Mayuresh Gaikwad ,
    They are Su-30 MKI’s to begin with. Now there is the question of them being Mark 1 or 2 or 3 version. AFAIK IAF has gone in for the Mark 3 version, and are upgrading all the mark 1 aircraft to mark 3 version, bypassing the tranche 2 versions.

    But pathetic display to say the least. Without saying any further about the way the VVIP’s behaved, the awards ceremony, the choice of the awardees – the missing out of some very significant acts of bravery specially pertaining to the mumbai attacks, the sheer monotony that has crept into the R day parade proceedings in general.

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    I think the question should not be if the developed nations do or don’t do it. What is more important is if Indians feel that they need to do it.
    Personally I feel that very emphatically, we need to preserve the ceremony and re-energize it. It is an important part of India’s history and identity. This ceremony has been on for so many decades, there is a significant history associated with this.

    What other avenue do we have on prime time where all the states and regions of the nation come together on one platform to showcase their culture?
    What other avenue do our defense forces have to remind people of their rich traditions and their might? In our country as it is the political and bureaucratic class try their utmost to sideline the Armed Forces, take this ceremony away and they will not have any avenue to reach the people of India.

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    To Radman,
    It’s not independence day. It’s the Republic day. On the Republic day, the nation salutes and give due recognition to the soldiers for their sacrifice in guarding the nation. Also on display is the cultural heritage of the nation.

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    last anon…you rock , man!!

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    thanks divine. after reading the ridiculous comments normally posted on this site, it is refreshing to get a lucid answer.

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    shiv, pleaseeeee upload hi-resolution pics next time onwards.

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    Bigleaps - Chiranth's Blog

    I think the shorter display had something to do with the number of gallantry awards that needed to be given and the time they took up.

    Personally I am a fan of the parade atleast the military harware displays. Solemn tributes at the Amar Jawan Jyothi are also an absolute must. So who cares what the others do, We must do what we believe in.

    Having said all this, this year’s parade was laced with cruel irony. The ceremony started off with the awarding of Ashok Chakras and recognising the sacrifice made by 11 heroes. The commentators eulogised the bravery of these men including how policemen fought off armed terrorists with a lathi.

    This ceremony was followed by the display of India’s ‘military and Techonological prowess’ – tanks, missiles and what have you.

    Mades me wonder what good is this display especially since we have failed to provide the men and women at the fore front of the battle with the requisite resources- training, compensation, equipment and intelligence.

    This years parade thus was a classic case of ‘missing the trees for the woods’.


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