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    looks like a scaled down version of the C-17.

  2. 2


    Can we have more pictures of the MTA. specially the front and the side view. The design is unclear from back…

  3. 4


    When will this design be frozen ? When will it fly and when it will be inducted? The An32's are on their last legs.The IL-76 need replacing in the next 5 years. The requirement is immediate.

    We should go in for CN -295 / C-27J immediately for An 32's(i.e we get it in the next 2-4 years) not after 8-10 years (Taking into consideration the above)

    For replacement of IL-76, we can go in for the plane designed & tested by Antonov. The An 70 is ready for manufacture but Ukraine does not have money. We can get a good design at low cost and really build our industry.

    Russia is only screwing us for the money for a substandard product , not available on time.

  4. 5


    anon at 1.53

    .The IL-76 need replacing in the next 5 years
    il76 still have 20 years of life in them and upgrading them with
    ps90a engine enable them to carry upto 60 tons of payload and that saves lot more money

    u must know that US will fly their ancient C5 GALAXY AND B52 till 2040 so according to this
    il76 r newer than c5 and b52 and r good for next 20 years

  5. 6


    The design and the programme both seem to be ‘Frozen’ about now.
    Unless there is some chankiyan move by the Indo-Russians to fool everyone, last everyone heard, the russians were pulling out.

  6. 7


    Dear Anon @ 9.53,

    The support from the Russians is poor. I have not heard any updation package for same. The Chinese have not received their ordered a/c till date, as Russia still has to sort out the mess of it's plants being scattered throughout the old Soviet Union. That is why our Phalcons were delayed.

    The IL-76 need a new glass cockpit 7 should be fly-by-wire (to reduce pilot load) apart from new engines & structural checks for the airframe. Also, should be easily maintained & have low cost of operation. Are the Russians even ready with such a package? If yes, then this is the cheaper alternative. But, I do not think so. We need a reliable source but Russia does seem the same today.

    Regarding the MTA, please refer to the following link :

    In this , Mr Ashok Baweja, Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) chairman says the following : "We are still discussing a lot of things on the fifth generation fighter, and we understand that the project must be acceptable to both sides. We are much closer to an agreement on the MRTA programme. For the transport aircraft, we have already fixed the work-share and agreed that a joint venture will be formed shortly to spearhead the development."

  7. 8


    the hawks are non russian right?? everything seems wrong…….

    the c130 hercules are american right?? things going wrong with are going to come out……things are not only wrong with russia……the solution- yhings should be made in india…………

    and il76and an 32 are not at the end of their service life….

  8. 9


    Dear Anon @7.33,

    The An-32 was inducted in the 1980’s. No up-gradation has been done. The aircraft are being used by IAF. The planning for upgradation / replacement has to be done now. Otherwise, when we need airlift capacity, we will not have it.

    Antanov has upgraded the aircraft

    Same applies to IL-76.

  9. 10


    to anon at 4.28

    if US can use their ancient b52 and c5 galaxy till 2040 there should b no problem with an32 and il76

    an32 upgrading contract has been given to ukrains’ antonov

    russian response was poor because of poor response from kazaksthan

    when it come to supply new il76 because manufacturing plants of these aircraft r scattered in other countries

    but as far as il76 upgrading comes response will not b bad

    il76 can easily b upgraded by russians with ps90a engines and glass cockpit because both engines and avionics r made in russia and russia doesn’t depend for these on others

    and structural checks r problems for them i am sure that that IAF will soon upgrade them

    il76 AWACS has ps90a engine and glass cockpit

    moreover mi17 helicopters have glass cockpit but doesn’t have fly by wire

  10. 11


    anon @ 10:44

    b52 and c5 galaxy have been upgaraded n-no. times since being inducted into service and at very high cost……..

    probably it would have been more economic had they gone for new aircraft, because they would have made money in two ways- saved on fuel, and also money saved on maintainence………but they would have had to develop a parralel aircraft to the C-5 which is more economic than it…….

    il 76 can go on for another 10 years easily…..before we will have to think of buying a new aircraft…….and anyways they are undergoing some minor upgrades that shiv had mentioned earlier….

    an 32s can be used furter……yeah analog cockpit etc is an issue…but IAF is still using Avro…
    these aircraft do need another crew too….

    if IAF buys upgraded il 76, then they can have common crew across il76, il78 and phalcon……but IAF not happy with Illusin(ukraine) selling il78 to Pakistan as India had specifically told them not to do so…..but yeah the american aircraft (if we buy would also be serving with PAF)


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