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    Is it because the upgrade of 51 Mirage 2000 is gonna cost 2 billion dollars? Imagine a similar rate to upgrade 126 or even 200 aircrafts

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    Excellent column..I wish that the Rafale had been chosen, it seemed like the best fit for the IAF. However, American marketing is undoubtedly the best and thats where I think Dassault fell behind. Provided the story is true, this is a huge blow for Dassault as it would have validated the Rafale’s capabilities.

    Shiv..more such articles please..

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    very useful and interesting article. i agree with navir. valuable insights.

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    they should have kept Mirage-2000-5 production line intact..MRCA contract was initially a Dassault only thing and they blew it by shutting down Mirage..French people should blame themselves..

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    Well at least we know that there is no shady dealing around, the French are experts at that :D,
    remember the scorpene, BJP was at it in both rajya sabha and lok sabha.

    As for the tears, shed them every one of the 5 times one will have to.

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    wow good article. please request mr billet to give you a piece on the scorpene programme as well.

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    to shiv

    So maybe we should imagine that the French government didn’t really help Dassault’s efforts. Such a hypothesis could be read in the light of the recent Rafale defeat in Morocco

    Neither the Gripen IN/NG nor the MiG-35 are operational and field trials expected to start next month,
    ————————————do u know
    those f16 blk 50/52 costed morocco
    as much as rafale would cost

    mig35 is very much operational for last 2 years and air force ins’t not going to induct these MRCA aircraft next month and it would be no sooner than 2014 air force inducts first MRCA and till then rafale and mig35 have enough time for aesa development

    moreover too much diversification of arms procurement isn’t good

    on the other hand if mig35 isn’t choosen u can expect 300 jf 17 and several j-10 with russian engines in paki air force and get this they r equally capable in line of f16 blk50/52,as of now russia has stopped to sell
    rd33 engines for paki jf 17

    so if v don’t want to see jf17 and j10 in paki air force v better choose mix of mig35 or bring back rafale in race

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    Shiv, can you make a comparative analysis of the “closing” charges on each possible deal with each of the contenders for this MRCA deal, and who are the beneficiaries from each of these closing charges?

    Assuming all these aircraft are more-or-less equivalent, it’ll be interesting to see how much money is being paid to middlemen with each of these suppliers.

    I guess they could hide this amount by rolling it into the cost of the aircraft… but that would balloon up the cost per aircraft, and that should raise some eyebrows.

    Which brings up another point. It’s interesting that, when they talk about this deal they just say “we need 160 aircraft” and there’s no stipulation that each aircraft should be no more than $30 million per aircraft, or whatever.

    The air force just decides it needs 150 aircraft and damn the costs, let the govt pay. You know the attitude. Sad, how we’re doing things in India.

    Who’s keeping their eyes open for the bill?

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    If we see commercial aspect,there is no chance for JAS-39.LCA & JAS-39 are of same class ,if IAF use LCA in large number in future there is no need of JAS-39s.

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    Nice article indeed….

    Indian officials said few months ago that clearly signified “We won’t sign any other strategic partnership apart from those with the US and Russia”The ones who know Pakistan as a great threat and still supporting them by funds and mil.aid are strategic partners of India??(U.S) Feel Ashamed to hear it….

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    I think it fell victim to over analysis(not your analysis, shiv). We should have at least waited to see how others fair in the trials before showing Rafale the door.

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    Mr. Aroor, it may be excellent news that Rafale is out of the competition.

    It may sincerely be hoped that the IAF may consider the Tejas Mk.2 as a possible MRCA contender.

    Thank you.

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    What’s happening with LCA? No news on that since a very long time. How did the weapons integration trails go? We did hear that LCA scored a direct hit on the first day and that’s about it. The Trainer hasn’t flown yet as well.


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    Today IAF has cleared that the news is rumor , rafale is still in the competition .

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    The Pakistan army looks at the India and sees no Arjun Main Battle Tanks (MBT), no armoured fighting vehicles, no 155 mm Bofors howitzers, no Akash surface-to-air missiles, no BrahMos land attack cruise missiles, no Agni Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles, no Sukhoi Su-30 MKI air superiority strike fighters, no Jaguar attack aircraft, no MiG-27 ground-attack aircraft, no Shakti thermonuclear devices, no Shakti-II 12 kiloton fission devices and no heavy artillery.


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