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    Let’s face it. We’re such a nation of liars. Mahatma this, Mahatma that is all talk. We aren’t committed to pursuing the truth in anything, neither do we have the courage. We’re a bunch of cowards with zero integrity that deserve nothing better than to be ruled by others – the British or the Chinese.

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    all the officers who were dismissed and arrested were innocence. it has been a huge miscarriage of justice. especially kashyap kumar. the biggies in the navy have covered up everything really well. and that bastard commodore bk verma, younger brother to the next chief, got away scot free. if you defence journos have any sense of honour left, you should ensure that nirmal verma does not become the next chief of naval staff. he is a crook like his younger brother. i cannot understand how arun prakash allowed all this to happen. it is too bitter a pill to even imagine that he had somehow engineered all of this.

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    Shiv do an article on the navy war room leak please. Right from the start, the basics etc.


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    The Indian legal system is too incompetent to convict anyone educated enough to exploit the legal loopholes. Military justice may be raw sometimes but it is efficient and the fear of Martial law has kept our Armed forces from degrading into just another lousy government dept.
    I am afraid that the interference of civilian courts is going to destroy the discipline of the military.

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    Dear Shiv,

    For a journalist who broke the story with half truths and now wants to know the full truth maybe this can clear up all issues.

    Surve has an affair.
    Jilted Girl writes anon letter at behest of other AF Officers against Surve.
    Surve borrows pendrive from Parashar uses it for work as we all did and deleted the info.
    Pen Drive was previously also used by Rana, Kashyap etc who also used it for work and deleted info.
    Airforce now finds naval files on it rivalry at lower rungs now start bribing journalists like Josy Joseph.
    Then Shiv Aroor writes front page headlines stating nephew is black listed which is untrue.
    Poor AP tenders resignation and Madanjit and Raman Puri start lobbying.
    Now arms agents jump in and so do small time yellow journalists like Datta and Ramachandran who are on their payroll.
    Politicians then jump in saw counter plans have been sold to pakistan.
    Navy gets scared and hands over case to CBI.
    CBI arrests all under OSA so bail is given only after 3-4 years and by then the journalist, Nirmal verma and co heave a sigh of relief and bury all the evidence if any.

    Shankaran lives in Sweden as per TOI and is blissfully unaware that he is wanted. Life carries on for the poor dismissed officers who are re-instated by the courts in 20 years from today.

    Hope this shed somes light.

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    What happened to the rest of the naval officers in the war room leak?
    What's the update?


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