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    To put it in straight Military Jargon – The morale of the Indian Armed Forces is in the boots.
    It is not a question of availability of resources or complexity of problem.

    It is sheer malicious intent.

    When doles to the Public sector, Bureaucrats, farmers and all sundry are given without batting an eyelid why does giving the Armed forces their due become a vortex?
    A weak coalition dependent Congress Govt. which can be manipulated by the bureaucracy, an Italian de facto head of State with a couldn’t care less attitude towards National interests are the key run ups to this sorry state.

    The bureaucracy played Loki by pitting auxillary forces like the CPO/PMF and MES against the Military. They however have stirred a hornets nest where now most auxillary State cadres who have hitherto been neglected will demand paritry in the same manner as the CPO/PMF have demanded from the Military. The IAS bastion will fall. The ramparts have been breached by their own folly.

    Today the Armed force sees not Pakistan or China as their potential adversaries but the IAS as their enemy No.1.

    Even after the Govt had agreed to some relief the bureaucracy has not stopped playing mischief by delay and fuddle tactics in implementation.
    This is just the beginning of a very unhealthy relationship which will have far reaching disastrous effects.

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    Wg Cdr S M Shukla(Rtd)

    The attitude of persons presently in power – the politicians and worst of them all the Babus , appears to be – ” I HAVE MADE UP MY MIND PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE ME WITH FACTS” And hence I feel its pointless writing articles in this regard . Whats required is direct action , the way IESM is doing . We have to emerge as a force , a compact mass which can not be ignored or wished away . May be nothing much could be achieved during this round of election but lets consolidate and prepare for the next round.

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    Form a vigilante group to neutralise all babujis in North and South Blocks.
    Thats affirmative action.
    That is the ONLY way to salvage any pride.
    Don’t worry about the jihadis-on-hire. They, have been taken care of, always. You see we know that enemy. Its the enemy within that needs to routed out. Start with the Bara Babu. Bayonet them to their desks!

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    By now central government employees are enjoying revised pay,

    is the revised pay scheme applicable to defence PSU eg HAL?


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