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    Right above turn forward march , Need aksaichin back from chinks.

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    Anony of 7:39,

    How about not using that word, ok?

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    another MIG down…………
    i think IAF is trying to make an unbreakable guinness record of having most plane crashes per year

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    These type of exercises are useless for a air force having
    this type of track record.here is list of accidents from jan
    2009 till now
    21.1.2009 Kiran MkII(HPT-16) crashed, one pilot killed
    30.4.2009 Sukhoi-30 Mki crashed,one pilot killed
    15.5.2009 MIG-27 crashed,pilot safe but seven people injured
    18.5.2009 MIG-21(Type-77) crashed,pilot ejected safely
    27.5.2009 MIG-21(Bison) crashed,pilot ejected safely
    09.6.2009 AN-32 crashed,all 13 people on board killed
    11.9.2009 MIG-21(Type-90) crashed,pilot killed
    23.10.2009 MIG-27 crashed,pilot ejected safely

    5 pilots killed in 8 crashes in this year

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    this is nothing.IAF lost 1024 aircrafts in accidents from 1947-till date where as Porki air force lost only 363 aircrafts till its formation.
    how can we get aksaichin back with this type of air force

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    Shivji, aasmaan se utar ke dharti pe aa jao.

    Hawai jahaz nahin, Arjun tank ke baare mein batao.

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    u have a problem with the word 'chinks'?

    but u don't have a problem with the fact that these chinks have a 50 year nexus with pakis….want arunachal back…consider kashmir a separate country…hold india's aksai chin…have helped pakis with everything from the bomb to planes, ships etc….

    should i carry on?..

    get real vijay!!..it is precisely becoz your wimpy attitude that this country is treated shoddily by chinks…

    stand up and fight!!….

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    Thanks Anon,
    In case you are not aware of few basics, let me remind you that accidents are also a result of bad intermediate/ Jet trainers and Mid 21 is not aeasy plane to handle . It's landing speed is around 300Km. Moreover, Porkis have less accidents simply because they fly lesser number of hours in practice. There is normal wear & tear. In case you don't want to have accidents, don't fly the planes.
    Blame tie GOI that is still making the forces fight with 1960's vintage MIG's.

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    I love how hard anonymous(Vincent) keeps trying as a Salesman.

    Porkis lost less because they drastically reduced flying hours after sanctions grounded their F-16s. What were their flying hours with F16s?

    The same will be the situation with F18-SH instead of MiGs in our service after they are deprived of spares after the Sanctions.

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    yes it is not possible only by IAF.
    But USAF + IAF is possible .
    China is enemy for both .if situation becomes serious.

    india should totally wash out mig21 series from inventory , should induct F-16 IN – which is cost effective /result proven technology.

    F-16 IN is new version which is offered only to UAE(f-16 block 60), can give real edge to chinkis/Porkis. india should place f-16IN apart from mmrca.

    news : s.korea planned to washout mirage fighters and plans for inducting F-16, korea feels mirage maintenance / upgradation cost is expensive and even after upgrade the tech may not be comparable with fighters like f-16 block 50/52.

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    Hi Shiv,
    You have not posted on the recent letter written by our Ambassador in US to PMO that some US firms paid money to naval officers, Bureaucrats, civil officials of customs etc?

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    Shivji, what's your update on the following:

    1.) http://livefist.blogspot.com/2009/03/mbt-arjuns-new-defensive-aid-system.html


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    shiv, thats not a HALO jump, as you have mentioned in your article
    ….its just an ordinary sky diving exhibition.

    an example of HALO jump:

    check out their gear.

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    To Anonymous poster above @ 1:23AM The IAF operates more aircraft and flies a far greater number of total hours annually vis-a-vis the PAF.

    When averaged out the IAF's attrition rate is significantly lower than that of the PAF.

    They also crash Mirages and F-7s on a seemingly regular basis, as does every airforce in the world. Its just that they accept attrition rather than expect jet fighters to be as reliable as jetliners.

    Read up on the number of Harrier crashes in the USMC and get some darned perspective. They've lost 150 of 400 aircraft that were inducted. Over the last half decade the IAF's progress with regard to safety has been fantastic(not least because of phasing out of old aircraft).

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    ha haaaa thats because they d0nt have much Birds t0 fIy in air, There w0nt be any lose if porkis dont have anything to fly.

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    ha haaaa thats because they d0nt have much Birds t0 fIy in air, There w0nt be any lose if porkis dont have anything to fly.

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    What you idiots wants to prove??????
    accidents happen……….flying combat aircraft is one of the most dangerous job…… and these guys are some of the best young men this country has to offer.
    well actually considering the hopeless, moron like u guys this country has to deal with, its no wonder this country is going to dogs…
    I am proud our air force and because of these committed young men i don't have to worry about the future of this country, which other wise would be in the hands of whining bastards like u guys

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    Porkiforce had that while being boycotted most of the time… So at this moment they have their super mushaq, their K8, their JF17, upgrading F16 planned to block52, bought 18 block52, will buy FC20… I doubt with that quality and inhouse production that they will have more losses then we Indians will…

    Even with getting Hawk (slowly) and with no decent IJT, not a real MRCA and hopefully we get something out of PAKFA… We need to see how far we will get.

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    TO anonymous quoting porki figures(hope you are not a puki).
    The porki air-force is smaller. IAF has more aircraft and has a greater operational tempo.

    Flying is inherently dangerous.All air -forces lose aircraft from time to time.The porkis have lost F-7p, F-16, MI-17 just today to mention a few this year.The USAF has had several losses to accidents.IN 2008, in fact they lost, two T-38C Talon trainers within a week.Just recently to F-16s collided .The french lost rafales, recently .And this goes on.
    NO need to panic!

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    chinks is right word for them & apart from aksaichin we should have to help tibet in its freedom

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    the terminator

    I agree with anon 2:38. India should become more proactive. It should do what China and even Malaysia is doing.

    China wants to contain India with its string of pearls strategy. It actively helps and supports India's neighbours in their terrorist activities. It wants India to spend a greater part of its GNP on defence so as to deprive major infrastructural development.

    Malaysia on the other hand actively supports Islamic terrorist organizations in the Asean region to destabilise all its neighbours, particularly Thailand, Phillipines, Singapore and Indonesia.

    Malaysia acts as a mediator between insurgents and the government (Phillipines, Thailand)but it is a fact it tips off the insurgents even before the actual negotiations.

    South Thailand is in the grip of terrorists with the active help of Malaysia which provides safe heavens, military training and hardware to the Islamic militants.

    India should pay back its hostile neighbours in the same coin. It should support covertly all the anti-government forces in Baluchistan (Pakistan), the Islamic Yughurs in China and the divisive and freedom movements in Bangladesh and Myanmar.

    When their countries are in a turmoil, they won't have the luxury of instigating trouble for India.

    Let us not be whimps and yellow-bellied cowards who shy away from covert activities. It is what others pracise. The days of Ghandi and Ahimsa are long gone. You do not show the other cheek when someone slaps you. It is eye for an eye and more for good measure.

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    The IAF attrition rate in terms of flying hours is among the lowest. The IAF pilot puts in more hours of flying time/year than his counterparts in any other AF. It is v.v.v.hard to retain your flying qualification in the IAF/IN, harder than arguably any AF in the world. You don't take a Jaguar to a Red Flag and beat everyone with your low-flying skills, unless you are from the IAF.



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