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    The points raised in the letter highlight glaring inequities. The injustice is so stark that the PM could do well to accept them in toto without marking it for any comments from his secretariat. In fact he may go a step further in giving them more than what they have asked. No one in this country will regret it. This is one appendage of the Government which the general public looks upto and admires.
    It also raises serious doubts in the minds of the citizens of this country about the intellectual and administrative abilities of our bureaucracy. This is the state of affairs following a review of the Sixth Central Pay Commission recommendations. It is also pertinent to mention that it was carried out after widespread protests against the recommendations throughout the country. What could be more worse than an ex-servicemen being humiliated to the extent that they returned their medals of bravery and good service back to the President. An opportunity was given to remedy the inequalities but sadly the facts of the matter enumerated in the letter conclusively prove that due diligence was not applied.
    The Prime Minister this time should reach out to the stalwarts ignoring the dithering voices that he may hear. The country will forever remember him as a leader who behaved like a soldier who goes to war against medical advise when admitted in a hospital.

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    Para 7(c)is poorly drafted & vauge.It should have clearly stated "Disability Pension"(instead of compensation)to be given on %age basis to ALL disabled Veterns,as being given to civilian officials

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    There seems to be less care & attention paid while releasing/posting the letter since it does NOT include the date of its release .What should one call this kind of attitude/care shown by the signatories while signing the letter.
    In addition , it also shows the delay in agreeing to the mutual draft approval being August to October end.
    If this is the result of some serious deliberations by these high ranking signatories, I would call this callous attitude.
    I wish the contents were more appealing/strong in placing their views to the PM.


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