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    Then how are the Tanejas involved with the UAV, considering the prototype crashed on their airstrip?

  2. 2

    Shiv Aroor

    @Anon: The Taneja Aerospace private airstrip (near Bangalore's Electronic City) has been leased by ADE for the ground/flight tests of the Rustom. Taneja is not the PADP in the programme.

  3. 3


    And when the program gets delayed or into trouble, it is the ADE and the DRDO that reveive the kicks and brickbats. MoD does not want to clear the deal with private parties because they are not getting anything out of it. Shri Anthony and his useless bunch of minions will not move a finger till they have something in their swiss bank accounts. Way to go Shri Anthony.

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    the only solution to this is to let private enterprise actively compete with government agencies for projects. Breaking the unholy monopoly of babus is the way forward.

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    To me, this incident just does to display how UNHARMFUL UAV's are compared to manned aircrafts.

    Nobody was hurt in the incident, not even remotely and that is that.

    UAV's of all kinds are the future and India shouldn't stop due to this setback.

    Let us not forget a few failed launched that we had of our rockets. But look at ISRO now it is launching satellites of other countries now and the future looks promising.

    DRDO/ARDE and the IAF/IA need to take this failure in stride and keep developing this UAV to completion. Which means examining the causes of the crash and rectifying it. I am sure they will bounce back from this setback quite well.

  6. 6


    Also, DRDO/ARDE has already proven their capabilty in designing UAV's through the NISHANT system already inducted in the army

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    Not to mention the Lakshya-PTA which is basically a UAV and a fine one at that.

  8. 8

    Manu Sood

    SQRs on the DRDO's UAV proposal that closed in May were 6 years old. With 4yrs development time, the product would be 10 years old. Then DRDO didnt co-ordinate with the armed forces so there were no buyers either!! How can private sector participate?


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