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    Finally, what HAL couldn't do MoD is doing — coming out in the open and saying that it was a pilot error. And, look what HAL MD Nayak is saying: It will take one-month for the report. He probably doesn't know what to speak and what not. I hope MoD calls him to Delhi and gives a proper dressing down with regard to handling a crisis situation. Why only probe into Media gag? There should be a probe into all other aspects of HAL, before they, continue their looting spree. The handling of Dhruv incident by HAL clearly shows the state of affairs in the Company. If the previous blogs on your site are true that Nayak was having 'fun' when the crash happened, then MoD should probe that too. And, please make these probe reports public. Accountability is key to quality and quality is key to progress. Jai Hind!

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    Those Ecuadorians are f###ers! Next time we sell our equipment to such jackasses, we must make sure they're capable of handling our stuff well.

    Such negative publicity is worse than not selling the equipment.

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    Name HAL/DRDO or ISRO, they chief for this inst. need to understand that statements like this could just mean one thing, loss in business, If they are marketing products, they should behave like sellers and not like product critics

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    I am reminded of a Niel Diamond number. Words are "Have you heard the story of a frog who became the King..except for the names and a few other places my story is just the same.." Well done Nyuk.

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    Not defending Nayak, but i assume he is a man who started out as an engineer/researcher and not a PR guy. They will always be prone to blurt what they feel is the truth.

    If HAL were to go on and say it was pilot error, i would find it highly irresponsible that they go into an investigation with a premeditated outcome.

    It should be the media which highlights the fact that pilot error could have been a very plausible cause!! or point out other causes so that people outside the investigation may know.
    But then that probably doesn't make a media house famous!!!

    [Media is not supposed to be on the opposite side of PSU/Govt always..they are supposed to be on the side of the truth always!!]

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    Ecuador could return six helicopters recently bought from an Indian company after one of the aircraft crashed at an air show last week, the Unverso newspaper reported.One of the seven Dhruv combat helicopters Ecuador had purchased from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited crashed during an air show in the Ecuadoran capital, Quito, last Saturday, injuring the pilot and co-pilot.

    Ecuadoran Air Force chief Rodrigo Bohorquez was quoted as saying the contract allowed the return in the event of an irreparable fault.A special commission is investigating the accident.

    guys here is the link


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    For once, i agree with what HAL is doing. If the report is going to take a month then wait for the report. If you already are so sure then why do a report? The report is the proof. Let the proof do the talking. It's just a month away! [3 weeks now?]

    Future clients also look at how the company[HAL] handles problems. The last thing you want is everyone connected to HAL or MoD pointing their finger at the pilot.

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    These kind of things do happen. Especially for an emerging power like India, there will be opposition from established powers who would like to utilize the media under their control (In this case some of the Ecuadorian Media) to run criticism of Indian products. What we must do is to get much more aggressive in marketing and selling our products with a positive attitude. We will succeed. In this case the Ecuadorian Govt and the Air Force did say very positively about the Dhruv. That came from the quality of the product. So as long as we make good products, we never have to worry about anything.


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