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  1. 1


    Guard of honour during night?!

    Incredible. Just goes to show what the Japanese truly think of India. We are nothing more than dark skinned apes to them.

  2. 2


    Again he has goofed it. Black shoes with brown suit!

  3. 3


    I like this. counter en-circling china to counter their encircling of ours.

  4. 4


    @ Anon 9:35

    Only Shivraj "3 safaris a day" Patil can get it right it seems. But what would suggest AKA by the way?

  5. 5


    @Anon 5.10,
    They took the pain to present it even t the night. Shiv, India is finally making some right moves. MEA is waking up and getting the act together but the new Govt in japan is too young to firm up their mind. However they have already signaled a tough stand against US and reconciliation towards China.
    India must use the fault lines and some how prevail upon Japan to stop paying for the Whore next door – Terrorist state of pakistan.

    Japan is one of the 3& 1/2 clients of the whore. Others being US/China & Saudis.

  6. 6


    What happened to the attack chopper and light tank competitions details u were gonna post??

    Also can u please tell me where we are on the attack chopper, LUH, Medium and heavy lift chopper competitions as well as the naval multi-mission chopper competition where i believe the Seahawk and NH90 are in contention.

    Finally, is the deal to buy 80 MI-17s from Russia actually happening. Thx.

  7. 7


    Look at Mr Antony's fists . he is too serious about it.

  8. 8

    Truth for India

    Japan would be a strategic partner of India against PRC. PRC fear Japan more than India or USA. There are some reasons behind that. We should learn from Japanese how to tackle communists.

    Anonymous 5:10 PM, you try to be Indian but cannot hide your identity! lol

  9. 9


    Sorry, but guard of honour at night is no matter of courtesy or respect. Understand Nippon, and you will understand that this is their way of showing the Indian delegation what they think of India. A slap across the face, it is just terrible that the Indian MEA officials accept all this nonsense and lick boots of non-Indic people all the time.

    The Japanese will never give a guard of honor during night to even the lamest European country like Italy or Estonia. This is one special 'honour' reserved for India (and perhaps certain African countries).

  10. 10

    nirav j

    The Chinese are making a good deal of Noise about Dalai Lama and his Tawang visit …

    Shri.AKA could pay homage to Sino-Indian ties by paying respects at the Yasukuni Shrine In Japan .. 🙂

  11. 11


    To Anon at 6:09 PM: A Guard of Honor is usually presented upon arrival. If he arrived at night – kudos to the Japs for turning out at that time.
    You obviously don't like the Japs – but let's not get carried away with the "Indic Victim" hyperbole. Chill!

  12. 12


    Now the Guard of Honor represents a strategic slap in the face?

    Sorry but the Inbred at 5:10 and 6:09 must have not passed highschool.

    The guard of honor is reserved and shown as respect to only countries which have utter importance.

    I seriously think that the ANON should try and graduate from HighSchool, and stop attending the Local Madrrasa from where he was educated by a Mullah who can't even determine his own ass from his elbow.

  13. 13


    A guard of honor is a guard of honor…

    But whoever stitched that ill-fitting safari must be fired…

  14. 14


    Best of regards to our Raksha Mantri!


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