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    I Call for shutting down DODO. how about that? Stop wasting tax payers' money

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    I think DRDO is a white elephant. Typical INDIAN sarkari kaam. Hype so much and have nothing

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    My goodness the Pakistanis are really insecure about DRDO. Let Indian citizens worry about their tax money kindly, while you Pakistanis eg anon@1:34 worry about what junk China will sell you next.

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    DRDO is a Pvt Ltd Company discharging functions of middlemen for MoD ?

    How can it be shut…

    Jokes apart, DRDO is a vital cog in Indian Strategy for gaining Super Power status via technology partnerships ! Technology development as a goal had been consigned to dust bins..

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    @ Anon 0134

    and we can buy things from US…so that we can tell others that we have this n that….
    BUT we probably cant use em against US's partner Pakistan!!

    The Tejas program has till today used only a fraction of the amount that similar programmed have cost..hell..for the amount they have spent..its amazing what they have achieved…go read something then comment….

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    No one is paki here, arun. The reason we are going to gift $10 billion hard earned cash to some foreign vendor is because DODO lied to us (and to themselves) about their ability to produce LCA. They refused foreign collaboration and like fools went ahead on their own. Tens of Indian soldiers died from paki artillery counter-fire because we did not have weapon locating radars. DODO promised us WLR and got a government deal to buy American WLRs canceled in 1990s.
    What is more important? Indian DODO pride or Indian lives? And yes, gifting $10b away to foreign country is indeed a waste of tax payers' money.


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