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    Interesting news.
    There is something wrong with the calculations.
    Assuming 8 Kilos are left in 2015, won't the scorpene will come online by then? That is 14.
    Plus given that there is already talk to second line of sub's , let's take 2 will come online. That makes it 16.

    Now there is one Akula's on the way. That is 17.
    One ATV, makes it 18.

    Assuming one more Akula & ATV(a possibility) that is 20.
    So there would be 18 confirmed and 20 a possibility.

    But I like this news. This should wake up the stupid gov.

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    well shiv
    you are being too dramatic about this situation.
    The Scorpenes though late will be joining IN in 2013 and next unit will come at a gap of 9 months each,Akula is comming and the ATV as well so no need to worry about our submarine strength.
    A programme on CNN IBN showed that India is planning to build 10 nuclear submarines and if it is true than your claims are ridiculous.

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    But the real is we are are facing depletion in force level in sub's fleet, the current situation is so bad even we are not able to face pakistan , for example , Indian kilo class is no equal to Augusta class of pakistan , pakis have 3 Augusta 's with AIP , the first Scropene will take another 2 – 3 yrs to become ready in action, and china have 4 times more than indian inventory.
    National security is not a game , india should try to have upper hand , incase of war with these mongrels .
    India need to place highly fastrack govt to govt orders for atleast 6 – 8 nos submarines either from Russia / Germany .

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    I disagree with this analysis. Subs are not the only forces in IOR (Indian Ocean Region) Frigates, Destroyers etc also stalk the area. As long as India maintains a qualitative edge in sub hunting, it is hard to believe that our own backyard can be easily taken away by PLAN or PN. Our hull mounted sonars, P8I planes, Ka-31 helicopters pose a great danger to submarines.

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    Think we should draw some lessons from pakis regarding submarine building..instead of having all the Scorpeons built in India, we should have allowed the French to built one or two in France till local industry and technogical base matured.

    We have to realize that our industrial base and technologies are lagging when it comes to hi tech defence requirement which has been the crux of problems , be with DRDO or any other forign manufacturer technology that we try to absorb. Beating a metal into a sheet and devloping hi tech product with specific metallurgical requirements are entirely diffrent things. Same with R&D. Most of the times its too late till we accept or realize that the technological base to build high tech stuff is not present. Had we taken the approach adopted by pakis in building agusta, there would have beem minimilsitic delay with scorpene..cost may have been slightly higher for the one or two boats built abroad but the delay is costing us more.

    Hope the babudom awakes and follows a more pragmatic approach with next line of submarines..and its always good to learn from one's enemies..no matter how stupid they are 🙂

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    Submarines are the most effective way to tackle rivals at sea. During World War 2, the Germans focussed more on the submarines(u-boats) and japanese focussed more on aircraft carriers. The Germans admiral Durnitz had 57 submarines when he actually wanted 300 submarines(U-boats) and he was able to strike the allies at a mind-numbing rate. Look at the number of submarines Durnitz had back then during WW2 and look at the numbers we are talking about. India needs to make huge number of home made subs.

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    Can you give link to that show ?

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    to shailendra,
    it was a programme so I cannot post a link but here's an URL


    it says in yhe end that India plans to build a fleet of 10 nuclear submarines


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