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    No offence, but what exactly is indigenous in this product? As is with most of the DPSUs, all the critical components are imported from foreign countries. Making fool of the tax-payer eh.

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    Tarun Mitra

    I think we should focus on encourage private player to build subsystems or components…spillover to civilian use is imperative but that will also save a lot of taxpayers money

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    I heard it had 90% indian parts, which i think is a good proportion

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    Shiv Please remove Feedjit from your blog, its a violation of ones privacy. Simple counter will do the job as it was when you started this blog, hope you understand.Keep up the good work and god bless you.

    Many thanx

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    Wheels are not good, should have been a tracked vehicle since wheels have greater limitations in dealing with uneven surface.

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    hey bro can u pls say who manufactures this daksh. ??


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    shiv are these pics free for use on WIKIPEDIA?

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    @ AK,

    what is indigenous in that?

    The "Made in India" label.
    Nuts ,bolts,revits, and that old disgusting shot gun

    these DPSU`s are fcuking up with the tax payers money.

    Antony was a lot corrupted and was mad on Private sector becos they are not bribing him and his co.

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    Hope DRDO/OFB guys do not mind,but they seriously need to address the quality of their manpower manning their displays.

    Some are articulate and appear interested in explaining the items on display.

    But,most are less than that.Queries are sought to be passed on to some other official or avoided or mumbled on.

    Some simply clam up or appear unconvinced on the system themselves.

    Its a defence expo!One has to gets one point across,sell it and convince the other side.

    The quality of the brochures are pathetic.

    Some even contain spelling mistakes or inaccurate images.

    This is unforgivable.

    Selling arms is to be done in serious,professional and even glamorous way.

    Appearance matters.
    The systems fit and finish have to top notch.

    The DRDO/DPSUs take their role as granted and assured.

    Till the time this does not change, i doubt that there will be any rectification in the current state of affairs.

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    US Army's SWORDS look amazing..more powerful than DAKSHAK..carries a belt-fed SAW..or an automatic grenade launcher..A SWORDS system would have made mince meat of LeT's gun & grenade attack in Urban environment. This coupled with Israeli CornerShot would have saved a lot of innocent lives including our brave commandos…sigh! If somebody did indeed cared for them in the higher up..that gun-grenade type frontal attack happened in J&K should have introduced these remotely piloted systems..

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    This should have a telescopic crane to reach heights of two or three floors. That'll take care of the terrorists hiding in 2-3 floor buildings in the kashmir valley.

    A few of these machines can surround a house and take the bad guys out with some precision shooting day or night.

    The israelis deploy such robot with camera mounted guns all over buildings which have a hostage situation. They are highly successful with minimum danger to the own troops.

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    A few of these systems would have been a real boon in the Mumbai attacks. They could have screened the rooms form the outside and even taken care of the holed up terrorists inside.

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    DRDO products are based on research and developed within India. So DRDO's developed products are indigenous whereas the other PSU's like BEL in some areas are importing from foreign companies and passing it as indigenous products. This has to stop and they must invest more in research and development.

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    Shiv you would also be interested in ROV designed by IIT Bombay with CME (collage of Military Engineering) Pune. It is similar to daksh. It is fraction of imported ROV. Was displayed at IIT bombay techfest.
    You can see video at this site.


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    I wish great success to this product.

    And, I hope that excellent quality control measures are put in place for its development.

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    well….would like to add that ROV Daksh has 90 % indigenous components and is produced by firms private firms as well as DPSU. It has incidentally been trial evaluated with imported ROVs of the same class and has emerged with a number of features which are better than no other than Remotech from Northropp Grummann…..I am sure it has a bright future and wishing all the best to the team at DRDO


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