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    Both Gen kapoor and the COAS designate will have a lot of answering to do.

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    Anon@10:26 PM
    I am sure they will. The crook has been wronged because instead of getting thrown out for his evil misdeeds he will be kicked out, and well he should, mercilessly.

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    Rajee Kushwaha

    Dear shiv,
    I hold no brief for Generals involved in the so called Sukhna Scam—but Is it really a scam?
    How serious is the offense if a person recommends a case to his colleague? Will it invite serious punishment under the law? There is no evidence. and the accused officer was not represented when COI concluded? It is going to be hearsay evidence and it won't be accepted as such in the court of law. The GENERALS might walk free.
    Yes, I hold the Generals guilty on MORAL GROUNDS—–To me the offense is more grievous because they are supposed to be models of conduct—If they falter, what do we expect from subordinates? Army is in a mess on this count—–The example by the COAS of managing Low Medical Category, for pension benefits, just two months before retirement is more serious an irregularity than Avadesh and his cohorts.
    But the civil street is the worst—–at least army takes action—-how about the corruption in media & judiciary? It is the worst? Will my friend , Shiv Aroor, like to talk about corruption in the media?

    Regards, Rajee.


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