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    i don' think this is a good idea..why reveal what ur country's knowledge in national security areas are?…..this is sensitive stuff….

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    This is chance for DRDO to prove they have best on-paper technologies ..

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    This is not a good idea. It will expose our most critical staff to yank and other intel. Remember how Ufimtsev(the stealth paper) guy was first called for a conference in Sweden and there was met by others who invited him to become a prof in US. They have been aggressively doing anything and everything and offering PAC-3 to prevent us from moving forward with our own capability. Stop this participation for nation's sake. Let them send papers from far away in absence with proxy presenters.

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    And of course, the chinese will be there with their photocopiers ready!I am trying to understand why such conferences are held in the first place.It is stupid if countries are showing off their defence related secrets.It is smart if they are presenting something that is either already known or is only possible on paper. Which one is it?The other possibility, that is of private academics presenting new revolutionary ideas related to defence,should be strongly discouraged by India.These people should be hired by the Indian defence establishment and others should also be encouraged with high paying jobs and national honour.


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