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    Thank you!!!

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    Karara Tamacha! Serves us right!

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    G Harindra Kumar

    Shiv, I know you are as concerned about the state of affairs in the defense forces or more than most of your followers, but let us not scoff at our scientists, there could be a couple of rotten eggs in the basket who compromise on quality for a little pelf, but the effort has to be lauded, being a fully democratic setup like ours doesn't give you the licence to rave and rant. Sorry this piece of information just doesn't jell well enough.

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    I'm sure "Boeing" is that "more" in the government's decision to shoot down the Indian Air Force's choice of the A330.
    First they screwed the light helicopter contract then refused to participate in the retender. now they are out to scerw the tanker deal….next will be MMRCA.

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    Its for them we re-tendered mid-air refuelling tanker competition and now they are backing off. So we will probably buy A330 MRTT with a bigger price tag.

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    This reminds me of the movie 'Darr' – Kiran tume meri ho . Agar meri nahin hui to kisi aur ki bhi nahin hogi :)). When – when – when – we will ever learn? when will the aam-janta ever wake up ? When will transparency – supposedly there – really happen?


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