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    Might as well train our pilots in NATO/USAF training schools

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    This post was really uncharacteristic coming from you.. Look at it from HALs perspective.

    Let us say, you have 40 engineers, 8 mid level managers, and 2 principle engineers, 2 test pilots in total. With this manpower, you start from scratch, i.e. a technology level that is non existent.

    Now, you can allocate your man power to build things like Dhruv, IJT, LCH and so on, or you can allocate some of it to building something that is basically a commodity (like a piston engine for a trainer, but still something that will require quite a bit of your engineering resources).

    What would you choose?

    If you allocate some of your resources to an ab-initio piston engine development, you will probably get there, but where does it leave your organization? You are probably still a bit player in a hyper competitive field in a technology that has limited future.

    I suspect HALs decision will make sense from this perspective.

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