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  1. 1


    haha looks like someone had a lot of fun in his "OFFICIAL" visit man hate to be in his shoes now especially if he is married!!! (i don't know why i find this funny)

  2. 2


    He should have at least got a better looking Russian for the additional $1.5 bn put on tht burnt piece of scrap called Ghroshkov ..

  3. 3


    Dear Sir,

    It is highly improper of Headlines Today to publish those pictures and for you to provide a link to the same on your blog.

    His impropriety while in uniform and on official visit to Russia, is being looked into by the Navy. Considering the gravity of the charge,they will pass suitable judgement and he will be punished.

    However,what is the point of making these pictures public? Is he some rock star or Bolywood celebrity? It will only compound the woes of his family.The last thing his wife, childred and family needs to see are these snaps.

  4. 4


    Ack Thoo.

    Shame on you shiv and on Headlines Today.

  5. 5


    Shiv Aroor,
    It is shameful that you are posting these photos in the print media. Are you so insensitive to a man's personal and private matters?

    Did the thought that you and headlines today are looking at possible legal action not cross your mind, since obviously the thought of violating someone's privacy did not.

  6. 6


    Looking at the photo of the lady,
    I don't think he got a good deal 🙂

  7. 7

    nirav j

    this is akin to a below the belt hit..
    The proof was there, and the Navy is about to act on it.

    Why make public such photographs ?
    If the person has wronged the nation, he will pay a price for it,but posting such pics online is a big SHAME and very UNETHICAL !

    I had expected more from this blog and its owner, but it seems even you are hell bent on using the "sansani" "sensationalism" that the stupid news channels use to boost ratings and hits !

    Disgusting !

  8. 8


    Not right. Just not right. These pics are leaked by someone close. I have no idea why one needs to disclose pics of such intimate moments, even if they did have some implications.
    Did not expect such cheapo article from you, Aroor sir.

  9. 9


    Shiv, you have disappointed. At least you should have cared for Indian Navy's image.

  10. 10


    I have been a long time patron of yours. But no more. This is sick.

  11. 11


    So he had an affair with a Russian woman, I still don't see what's wrong with that 'professionally'.

    If he is a first rate professional officer, he should remain in service. Why should the navy bother with his personal life? This has to be sorted out between his wife and him.

    And it is foolish to assume these are 'distractive' tactics. You can't just assume these things without concrete evidence.

    Why does every personal thing an officer does have to be scrutinized through the lens on corruption? Do business managers/sportsmen/engineers have to answer when they sleep with a chick? Those are demanding professions too.

  12. 12


    When an Ingrained monkey wrongs the nation, and causes the escalation of prices of a Aircraft Carrier, which is meant to protect our nation, at the expense of the Indian taxpayers, not only should the pictures of his wrong doings be posted, but he should be sodomized for his actions.

    This beggar mentality of the Indians commenting here, proves they are D**k less emotional monkeys. This is why India has corrupt politicians, its because cowards choose to act like Nehru, when the proper act should be like that of Himmler or Hitler when dealing with problems which affect something greater then themselves.

    beggars man, beggar especially Nirav and Parth. Good job to Shiv and HT for actually showing the true face of Indian elites

  13. 13


    Well sure a mans private life is his own to deliberate upon…
    but when you're mucking around in bed with a crap looking woman on taxpayers money….I think it needs to be made an example of…his family will move on…but people like him will still get away with things like this….
    What really scares me is that a man at the top of the naval chain dint have the basic brains to not leave stupid evidence of his debauchery behind…..imagine the kind of information he might have ratted out…sheeesh…

  14. 14


    Agree with tushar …..When people die because of hunger and poverty in our nation …then ..self made …ethical creatures do nothing …and …come first in preaching whats right ..whats wrong ….Good job shiv ….we must deal with these pathetic creatures …with severe punishments and must set public examples ..why some lines must never be crossed ….

  15. 15


    In our country where 50% people live below poverty line, this bastard being a senior naval officer didn't think twice before betraying is country and family for a cheap 3rd class whore.Just imagine how much India could have gained if that 1.5 billion$ was used in either defense or development of our country.

    He should be flogged and hanged publicly.

    I agree with Tushar and good job Shiv for exposing these cheap slimeballs.

    Shows why we are still a race of beggars.

  16. 16


    There is more to this than meets the eye.Firstly,who took the photos?certainly not the commodore.Then who?It could only be the men at whose behest the lady in picture was working for.Assuming that they took it to blackmail commodore singh and if their target of quoting the high prize was achieved,why did they send the photos to navy HQ?

    It's possible that while singh was wrong to have relation with the lady,he may have actually stopped the russians from escalating the price of gorshkov for which he's been framed and paying the price

  17. 17


    You guys are totally missing the point here….although i don't have much of an opinion on the posting of these pics (you are calling our officers sick monkeys!! what about our journalists??!!) nothing changes 2 very basic things

    1)a person's personal life is his own….so lets stop correlating his personal and professional conduct. i see people equating a night with a russian chic to 1.5 billion!! that's just weird!! In your own lust for drooling over sensational news, dont lose rational thinking, people!!
    2)he is just a commodore (equivalent to a brigadier) for good sake!! u really think as a captain (colonel equivalent) overseeing a refit,he can have even a fraction of power to be involved in a price escalation of more than a billion dollars?!! any price escalation is an administrative thing. and such matters are discussed and decided FAR beyond the level of a mere captain. these things go even beyond admirals.

    So get some perspective in your thoughts before becoming all judgmental. And trust me, an officer found guilty in the armed forces is dealt with swiftly and severely, not like the weak ass justice that you and I are subject to.


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