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    Can you pls tell what is the 3D radar on the back end of the frigate? Thanks.

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    Nice updates .

    India also needs Longer range bombers like Tu-22m3 backfire in massive , Livefist should try to realise article for need of this bombers , i wish that kind of message should reach MOD to buy /manufacture it.

  3. 3


    Why we need bombers? To bomb who? Going for un-necessary arms acquisitions lead to inflated defence budgets and lower soildier salaries. I think India needs to be very clever on what arms it really needs. As one can clearly see from per unit price of C17 – $500mil, just because we can get something doesn't mean we need to buy it. I rather spend money on providing better gadgets to our soldiers fighting in NE and Kashmir. Most of them don't even have latest generation rifles, night vision, scopes, jackets etc.

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    NJS has a point. Today war is not fought with soldiers, but with technology.

    A Tu22 will change the game in India's favor.

    Yes, we do need to arm and equip our soldiers. But, we need to cut down our troops. India has not fought a real war in last almost 40 years. Why do we need such a huge army? After all, the pension of retired defense personnel constitutes a sizable portion of the defense budget.
    Today we also recruit from Nepal, a foreign country. Why does a country of 1 billion needs to recruit foreigners? Why are these arcane colonial practices still being followed in the Army?

    Do we need soldiers or police to fight insurgents in NE and Kashmir?If we hesitate to use our army against the Maoists, why are we using them in NE and Kashmir? Aren't they parts of India? Why this double standards?

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    @ DJ ,
    Your are not aware of Long range bombers, that what u r saying something , do not compare aircraft with rifle guns . india need better rifles . but rifles will not strike nuclear weapons .

    china has received 100 % tot of Tu-22 , which has capable to strike nuclear/longer range missiles in to indian soil. china initially planned for land attack version 24 nos / sea based naval attack version for 18 nos , and will raise in future in nos , without these toys their will be no winning ,if india realize the need of bombers in the war time their is no use. if we need to save our people from china we need to have better than this , not only rifles .


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