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    Sudip Das (

    Will this execise be followed by a strong sales pitch for Aegis weapons control system .

    I feel BEL till now has executed very well in integrating weapons system of Russian , European and Israeli origin .

    Instead of purchasing a new weapons control system from USA ( SOURCE CODE WILL BE A PROBLEM) , if BEL is asked to develop one , the cost of development will be much less than a outright purchase.

  2. 2


    Physics is an interesting science. The people of knowledge will understand quickly to what I mean after reading my comment below.

    Have we no shame as a nation that we participate in these disgraceful joint exercises? Is there an account we tabulate as to the expenses of such events? We see an Asian Chinese in this photograph SMSing us about the lack of discrimination in the new world – USA. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    Another SMS – While the Chinese are our neighbours, in the real USA world they are marines who do not exactly like us.

    What a rotten photograph!

  3. 3


    First of all, Cmdr. Le is Vietnamese-American, so I don't know how your concerns with the Chinese are relevant. Apart from you stating something about the Chinese being Marines in the US (I have no clue what your point is, I'm sure there are Marines of every race), the rest of your comment makes very little sense and has nothing to do with Physics. I'm not even going to bother reasoning out why exercises are worth their money. But, if you can clarify your points, we may be able to clear up some doubts you have.

  4. 4


    The seaside should be more beautified…looks ugly

  5. 5


    The seaside actually looks beautiful!


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