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    I hope I looks like F22, and should be more capable to penetrate deep inside enemies territory without getting detected by enemy radars and should have more ground attack with dogfight capabilities…….

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    you're on a roll here, shiv. not that you are not otherwise, but seems like in the last few days you have just been hammering away with one good story after another. dont mistake me, this is a word of encouragement. keep the good stuff coming!

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    Hi Shiv
    I have been following your blog from past few months and I can see the excitement and enthusiasm comes out of audience when they see any indigenous equipment.

    I strongly believe many of them would like to contribute (technically) in some way. I do know in west there are few collaborations/ organisations who does independent research.

    Yes, Now you know where I'm coming from. There is no one else as qualified as you are to lead this.

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    Hi shiv
    read in Times of India that Naval LCA is gonna be inaugurated on 6th July… Do you have any reports on it?
    and are u going to be present there?

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    Shiv Aroor

    anon@12.25: yes, several. do a search for "LCA Navy" and you'll get all my reports on the LCA Navy. The fact that the LCA Navy was scheduled for a rollout in July was reported here on LiveFist in February and before that as well. LiveFist has a search box. Use it!

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    Hi shiv,

    i fallow your blog regularly,i get every exited news here,related to defence , i am very keen to know about all defence news.India started all R&D late 80's.Now its time to get result.If we'll get daily updated news like this, i m sure INDIA will be developed country by 2015.

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    Hi Shiv,

    I gets here defence news very fast, then bharat-rakshak and indian-military.i am salute you & your dedication.

    I am having some question,

    1.What is news about light Tank, which will deploy on china border?
    2.Is DRDO start developing light tank?


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