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    Great news we should built on more rapid deployment forces like Russia or USA as such creating something like an elite force of Indian Marines force 12000 divided to each naval command would be good. furthermore getting more airborne troops would allow the rapid deployment for eg bringing back home 120 indians stuck with Somalian pirates however we need to get the appropriate air lifters in sufficient numbers..JAI HIND

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    The headline talks about Indian Army and Navy, whereas in the pic we have small number of IA soldiers and large numbers of US Marines. What is wrong with us?Why do we have this obsession with white skin even after more than 60 yrs of independence?
    The newspapers today are fully of news n pics of scantily clad western models,filmstars, pop divas etc. who may not even know that a country like India exists. The recent snub of an Indian artiste by Paris Hilton in Cannes is a case in point.

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    One aspect this article has missed is the force multiplier effect of having marine strike capability on our western theater. Pak has as long a sea coast as the border they share with us. Ideally we should have a marine strike corps. That would force the enemy to either deploy large forces to defend the coast or invest heavily in Navy, both resulting in diversion of resources away from our border.


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