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    Doesn't he deserve a grander cremation than some little ceremony in his village? I mean, now that in hindsight, the 1962 war has proven to be so significant in our development as a nation, and this soldier has died in the truest traditions of soldiering?

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    May his soul rest in peace and may indian govt have learned important lessons regarding the state of unpreparedness with which we sent our brave men into battle in 1962.. Jai Hind..

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    May god bless his soul…

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    He was a true martyr. May his soul again rest in peace.

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    Some facts to be annotated. The brave Dogra soldier belonging to a fiercely proud, gallant, intrepid clan of warriors has come home from the himalayan snows.
    The first two names of Sepoy Katoch are the namesake of Wo Gandhi ji, Father of the Indian nation.
    A mere coincidence passing in nature perhaps but how amazing!Sepoy Katoch performed his Karma in the bitter battle of 1962.
    Shiv –
    I apologise but I disagree he perished in Walong. His supreme sacrifice and valor, and others like him will never go in vain or be forgotten under the falling snows. These heroic acts will capture the imagination of our future generations and make flagging spirits renewed, resolute, ruthless in the face of an insurmountable adversary.
    The Government should seriously consider building a special memorial to Sepoy Katoch, failing that, a separate enclosure in the 1962 memorial/Indian Army Memorial …
    The highest gallantry award may be awarded posthumously. Sometimes the story outweighs the preponderance of the facts.
    God Bless Sepoy Karam Chand Katoch, Wo Gandhi ji, Sepoy Katoch's family and the fabled Dogras.

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    My salute to the hero.
    He desrved at least a state ceremony if not national.

    The nation which does not respect its heros ends up in dishonour and servitude !


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