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    His looks can get him a role of a "THAKUR" type guy in any upcoming daily soaps. That aside, I will stay tuned for more details before judging him. Guilty or not, I hope he gets a fair trial from the system and the media.

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    I wonder why media is not pursuing corruption/infraction in other government departments with the same zeal as it is doing with the army. After all, army is not, by any strech of imagination, the fountainhead of corruption and delinquence. It is unfortunate that the media has found the army as the favorite destination for getting hold of something to put in "Breaking News" section. I think army has strong internal instituional framework to deal with such instances on its own without help from the media. Media should concentrate on those government departments like MCD, DDA which are blatanly corrupt to the core with no hope for redemption. Media activism should be directed at the right place to serve the nation's needs and not just for vanity sake.

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    where is gen vk singh .wasnt he suppose to cleanse the army .

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    Couldn't see…whats the story?

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    "Behaving like a DON", What a crying, ignominious attempt at pitiful incredulity. If anyone behaves like a DON its the MoD, The Military services, our Top Military Brass, Indian GOI and so on. They change comprehensive order and schema to their tune and bidding. And the comment posters on this blog who are born thieving NAZI's without a shred of respect for their fellow Indian brothers.
    The man is probably a fine example of the Indian martial spirit which is consigned to "DONHOOD" by thug rogue NAZI's "who know what they are doing", and "want everything their way".
    Sounds familiar? Clone the last two words with a new name like "Sohan Halwa Kumar" on this or another site with a historical referential thread to make your blasts appear plausible reality.

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    This is deliberate attempt to weaken us by finding cases within the organization that holds us together. As usual media and their overseas paymasters working round the clock.

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    LOL. Well the ARMY is following the footsteps of the politicians, civil administration, civil police, babus in ministry, when these guys sitting there in New Delhi who have never seen the hard military life, ci-ops etc in J&K or NE can do it why not the ARMY.

    An ARMY officer or a Soldiers feels complex when he sees a local civil police si having 6 (which is just a start) flats in Delhi, a babu having property worth lakhs & crores, a politicians having no end to his wealth in any form, he does the same.

    An ARMY Officer or Soldier gives his best years of his life to his country fighting in J&K or NE, that also he doesn’t know will he survive there fighting or not.

    When he is back to a peace Military Station he sees that the place he left is so changed, corruption is there everywhere. Initially he finds it difficult to adjust in this atmosphere. As the years pass by he gets fed up of all this corruption and thinks to adapt to the corrupt practices he sees in this modern INDIA and be adjusted to the civil society.
    Well no body talks about the extortion a civil police man does at traffic signals, police stations, a babu from your local municipal office to ministry, a local mla or mp or any government employee, because people are used to all this corrupt civil system and they are still fine and ok with it.

    When this media showcases ARMY, the people instantly make reactions. Media never showcases the INDIAN ARMY good will gesture to the people because they in now ways benefit from the ARMY.

    It is a fact that civic activities done by the ARMY a better than the civil administration of any state governed by politicians.
    ARMY is a well organised structure organization. Visit any ARMY Cantonment or Military Station see the roads, sewage, sports activities, law and order, lighting, water supply etc they are better than any city of INDIA. The ARMY just doesn’t do it for their own troops but also have opened schools, vocational centres, hospitals, roads, telephone exchanges for civil administration.

    Time has come to stop blaming the ARMY for each and everything and rather learn to accept how things are done by them.

    INDIAN ARMY needs the respect and legal powers to avoid all this trash.

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    A question I want to ask the media,
    Why is the political class not potrayed in the same zeal, there are 1.4 Trillion USD, Indian money in Swiss bank accounts, Is it bcoz, the account holders include your paymasters.


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