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    All these will be blacklisted very soon by the Sonia aunty and Antony uncle. We will soon need stones to fight wars.

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    Correct me if I am wrong, but weren't these slides taken from a 30-minute presentation given by Saraswat at some sort of conference/symposium on missile technologies? I believe the video of that presentation is on YouTube.

    If possible, could you post the entire set of slides here? There should be no problems about sensitive material since the presentation was open to all attendants including foreign ones.

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    Shiv Aroor

    @sparsh: yes, these slides are also from a presentation VK Saraswat gave to a foreign audience. but the slides originally appeared in an earlier presentation by the Programme AD head. Dr Saraswat chose a few of those slides for his own presentation.

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    How many of these are need to stop Babur's and Raad's slamming into india#s dams, industrial sites, powerplants, airfields, command centres and Call centres? What is the cost of eash Babur/Raad and of these systems? It seems to me thaT paks create situations and India ends up having to spend billions to counter them. Then off they have other missiles like Gauri, Hataf…which will probably slam into cities like delihi, mumbai, banglore. Will this system stop all this? and when?

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    Shiv, I believe the AAD interceptor can tackle short range and medium range missiles in a theatre. What about the terrain hugging cruise missiles which may beat the radr and sneak through. Is the LRSAM an answer to such a scenario. Request your's and others inputs.

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    blah blah.. do you think enemy going to send one missile? They will fire 10-20 or more missiles at once.. mix of ballistic,cruise with some simply decoys! how will AAD/PAD perform??? If they commission the system based on current type of tests then we are doomed!!

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    Its all bot shield against 1st enemy attack so that we can strike hard after deir attempt which wr neutrilised by our BMD … Nd 1 more thing each BMD BATTERY CONTAIN 20-32 missile units…

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    @Anon at 5:06pm,

    Do you think other systems elsewhere do not have to face the similar tactic? Any system can be saturated but then again decoys aren't cheap either, after all they fly too just that they may not carry all the on-board systems and warhead

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    Decoys either reduce the strength or the numbers of the own warheads. So nothing always to worry from the decoys.

    Also nothing to worry about babur, ghodri, hatf etc. They all are dead rats.

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    pak@5:06 pm, the system can take care of ur painted chinese junk, dont worry

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    @AK buddy they wont scrap it man these guys are afraid of their lives man that is why we see continous test firing of interceptor technology even when our offensive technology is blacklisted , this was the only missile tech which was kept very well funded continously since the day one …….


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