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    Dear Sir, The MoD in Brazil and India should pick The Gripen Demo platform as their choice of platform in FX-2 and MMRCA.

    The weapon of choice is the Meteor, IRIS-T and A-Darter (devolped by Brazil and South Africa–News/2010—7/Successful-A–Darter-missile-firings-with-SA-Gripen/).

    These 3 missiles are already intergrated to the the Gripen aircraft.

    A collaboration between Sweden, India and Brazil in the future development of the Gripen platform is a win-win situation for IAF, FAB and The Swedish Airforce.

    A lot of industrial benefits will also be achived.

    ToT is a key issue and will be delivered to 100 %

    Don´t forget the benefit that The LCA Tejas also in the future can use the same engine GE-414G as the Gripen platform.

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    Is that mean India is going for Gripen as MMRCA?

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    Those SAAB guys have $$ signs in their eyes. Their mouths are nearly salivating.

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    We can still get same per aircraft cost as Gripen by use of "Blending". Here's how:

    126 Mig-29Ks + 76 Typhoon

    1. Pass the Mig-29Ks to IN once the 5th-gen FGFA and Tejas MK2 get ready. After all mmrca is a stop-gap for IAF. And IN's IAC will also be ready around that time for more fighters.

    2. Only 1 new fighter type added to IAF's inventory inspite of the split order since IAF already operates Mig-29s.

    3. Average cost per mmrca will come close to gripen's cost without any uncle components(engine of gripen) involved.

    4. We will be able to induct Typhoons in significant numbers without bloating the overall deal budget.

    5. Excercise option to buy more Typhoons later IN-CASE the 5th gen pak-fa or amca development gets delayed and there will be no additional support/set-up costs involved as Typhoon would already be in service.

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    @abihid-d hahahahahaha I can see that too.

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    Ravi Khanna

    Hi, I Think India will not go for Bigger Aircraft because india has already been in FGFA Project. India will haunt for smaller aircraft like gripen because india wants more aircraft rather than investing more money. India will not go for mig 35 because it has already planned for Pak-FA (T-50) as future aircraft. Now in indian order book with in 2015 india will operate around 250 su30-mki. India now needs a single aircraft version that will be grioen because it has naval version too. Shiv, It's still not clear will india go for f18 hornets or eurofighter as they are very costly and lifecycl is also not too good… Hope India makes a wise decision in MMRCA Contract which would benifit it's own motherland. Regards, Ravi Khanna

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    The thing is that the Gripen NG has capability that either exceeds, matches, OR is very close to the heavy twin engine jets simply by a clever layout. And with that a open supplier side and low costs. That is why air forces love it since they get to pick supplies based on what they like, and they can fly sorties at low costs.

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    Is that a pilot looking into the cockpit? From IAF, FAB?

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    Really looking forward for the MMRCA contract.
    Gripen or Rafale seems o.k to me.

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    Why in the photo I see the businessman, politician, end users, bureaucrat and the product etc., but no scientist. Lol.

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    Gripen Lao Mig Bhagao . Baki sub bukwas as MKI is an ok multirole and is a devil we know.

    But Jaldi .

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    The IAF should have just gotten its wish for 120 Mirage-2000s granted back in 2005. This circus has greatly hampered it's fighting capabilities at least for the forseeable future. Pakis are inducting hundreds of JF-17s and soon J-10Bs, the Chinese already have hundreds of Flankers and J-10s while all we have to boast are Su-30s in an otherwise outdated fleet.

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    The South African Airforce has inked a deal with Rayeton Company for The Paveway II laser-guided
    bomb (LGB) for it´s fleet of Saab Gripen. (Source: DefenceWeb)

    This is a new LGB options for The Gripen NG customers in FX-2, MMRCA and in the future, with Denel Dynamics Umbani and the Paveway II from Raytheon too choose from!

    This is an exampel of collabora-tion between SAFF and Saab that all the operators of Gripen will benefit from in the future.


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