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    With the help of modern French and Israeli technologies, Tejas seems to have come out of its shell. I hope it gets the IOC at the earliest and makes India proud.

    Whatever it is, it is an Indian thing and at least a stepping stone.

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    Why does AM Naik have a permanent scowl on his face ?

    It is very heartening to hear that Tejas is approaching to IoC fast. Can't wait to see it in IAF colours soon !!


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    I hope they place a huge order instead of token gestures. Want to see this bird being used in huge numbers

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    If it doesn't match the IAF's requirements and is outdated by today's standards(it is) I don't even want IAF to induct the 20 they've ordered. Let LCA mk1 be a technology demonstrator like the J-10A. If mk2 ever reaches IOC then and only then serial production should be started.

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    Ra. what you said must be the absolute true, without the French and Israel technologies Tejas would not have come out the shell.

    Beg your pardon, but care to explain what all are those technologies.

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    ACM Naik and his team like the Vice Chief-IAF AVM Barbora are of a new order – they don't mince words, and are ruthless taskmasters. ACM Naik is known to have been a ferocious boxer at NDA and is know to have ensured the strictest treatment for his son who too serves the IAF. These men aren't know to tolerate slackers, so the scowl

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    Mr. Ra

    Anon@6:50 AM

    These are perhaps the MFDs from Sextant (France) and Elbit (Israel). The HMDS cueing system from Elbit. The laser pod supplied by Rafael (Israel).

    DRDO perhaps cooperated with Israel Aerospace Industries for integration of Hybrid version of theEL/M-2032 radar for use with Tejas.

    The MOD perhaps revealed that an unspecified number of EW suites had been purchased from Israel's Elisrafor the LCA prototypes.

    There may be other things as well to which I am not aware.

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    HAL and Govt. of India must establish manufacturing facility for at least thirty TEJAS per year. Initially ten trainer version of the LCA must be manufactured. The new facility for manufacturing TEJAS must be able to manufacture LCA Mark II also in future. I suggest manufacturing of Tejas alongside the manufacturing of a latest aircraft like Sukhoi SU30. The learning curve will have a higher gradient.
    May I also request all concerned to increase the production of ALH, Dhruv.

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    Folks ,

    How can we talk about a Mk2 when the plane is not in active service ? This happens only in India.

    Secondly these are being based in Chennai and not in any border base implying that it is not up to the standard required to face the F 16's ,J 17 and the Mirage with the Pakis . Its capacity to act as a second line interdictor / ground attack fighter is also to be tested.

    The powerplant is too under powered and we do not see the proposed replacement anytime soon.

    So what are we all carping about?

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    IAF wants an mk2 because the plane as it is does not fulfil its requirements so they will buy it only on condition that HAL develops a more capable version that they REALLY want.

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    Sudip Das (

    @Mr. Ra said…

    Samtel has developed MFD for LCA

    Having developed EW suite for SU-30MKI (kindly update yourself with project Vetrivaal), DRDO does not require Israeli help for developing EW suite.

    If LCA MK-1 does not meet the requirements of IAF , THEN IT SHOULD NOT BE FORCED ON IAF.

    In fact other applications of LCA MK-1 should be explored, two of which I can think of

    Advanced jet trainer
    High Altitude , long endurance UCAV

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    I agree with Gautam . If this is the situation , then there is no harm in immediately working on the Mark 2 features like powerplant , weapons mix and radar signature etc within a limited timeframe. The current IOC can serve as an interim measure to create and test our production facilities and train future pilots. However under no circumstances should we call it a Mk 2.

    Meanwhile the downward trend goes on . Can we request that the air command ignore the MMRCA for the time being and consider an interim order for the Airforce version of Mig 29k ( namely Mig 29M2 0r Mig 35 )/ or the Gripen to keep up the strength.

    We have to act.

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    Please look at China how it has gradually progressed on to the newer fighters. The first few ones are not necessarily masterpieces. Yet they even managed to export those to Pakistan and others!!!

    It is one thing to look at INSTITUTIONAL MAXIMA and another to look at OVERALL NATIONAL MAXIMA. An insitution like iaf may be happy to get its job done with imported uber polished fighter but the overall benefit of nation lies in pushing Tejas.


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