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    Thank You General VK Singh for this nice but mandatory gesture…

    I remember your coming into Vavuniya, that dilapilated bullet ridden Guest House, SP Bungalow, those shattering bangs of IEDs, that constant and annoying rut-rut of AKs, those scared, praying but doubtful innocent eyes, never stopping rains, mosquitoes and massive ambushes, untreatable celeberal malaria, unstoppable running stomachs..

    Still Vanni was awesomely mesmerising and beautiful… particularly Madhukunda.. boar infested tropo..

    Very Very nice gesture Chief Sir.. I wish those Sri Lankan Generals and politicians, for whom we saved the day and the country by our blood feel a little indebted.

    Thanks to Sri Ashok Kantha too who is not stanger to Army. I hopes he improves this to the standards that India deserves.

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    Well at last an official recognition by Lankan govt. of India's contribution to that nation's integrity. Hope this cements further ties and the Chinese do not get a foothold on our Southern tip.

  3. 3


    India messed things up for us by arming their fellows and then they wanted to be our saviours. Then they left with tail between their legs. We should be grateful for that? Sri lankans have no love for the blood of the indians and nor do we want you here either.

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    They were armed, my dear Murli, because they wanted not to be treated like pieces of s**t, the way they were. If that had been taken care of, neither of this would have happened.

  5. 5


    Murali, I don't know what generation you come from, but the people who are called Srilankan Tamils are not Indians but Srilankans, so if you miss that part still then , you are missing part of your own nation.

    Read your histroy carefully and where possible be rational from a third party source as well, and be aware that while Srilankan LTTE behaved as terrorists, Indian govverment did not support the act and who arr you accusing of arming them , why do you forget that atrocities that were done to your fellow country men ( to the srilankan tamils ) in this case and the mascaras, wake up Murali you have a lot to know hatred is going to take you no were, most part that srilanka has suffered is due to the same, I wouldn't ask you to have favorable view on India, but definetly not worth the hatred, better handle yourself well as a representative of the nation you should be proud of , we feel the same for you, and learn to have your country men together, you can be in peace and love your neighbouring country later, love your neighbours first.

    You don't have to teach India about unity in diversity. But if that is what India is spreading and you are fearful to accept that, then you need some introspection, I'm proud to have you as a neighbor, so wake up.

  6. 6


    ^^^ just simply beautifull answer to these type of doosras like murli!!! Murli has conveniently forgotten the attrocities committed by their own men on their own men!!!
    I read somewhere white ambulence vans appearing before the houses of tamil speaking srilankans!!! Next day you find scores of young men and women missing for ever!!! poor Rajiv Gandhi fell pray to the hawkish jayawardane!!! Rajiv Gandhi did invite velupillai pirabhakaran for talks to new delhi!!!Murli,go and live peacefully in your god gifted country with all those islands and forests. you invite chicoms and the ISI to your own peril!!!

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    At last the Pearl island has given the due credit to the IPKF. But will the people and politician of Sri Lanka acknowledge that their day was saved by spilling of our boys blood on their soil. I dont foresee such a recognition, at least by the Sri Lankan Politicians, who are much worst than their Counter Parts in India. I still remember when the close relative of Ramaswamy Parmeswaran (Awarded PVC Posthumously ) the Chief guest for that years Republic Day parade, Late lamented Jayawardane, did not have the decency to at least stand up in thanks giving reverence. Though it did not in any way effect the glory and sanctity of the ocassion, it showed what sri Lankan politicians are .
    Brave Job by our Boys. MAY THEIR SOULS REST IN PEACE

  8. 8


    Not sure whether Murali is an SL parochialist or a frustrated LTTE admirer. Here are the facts Murali for you to think over,

    The two main group of the Emerald Isle, the Sinhala and the Tamils, both have a great deal of affection for their siblings in India. While the Sinhala have expressed this affection by their cultural exchanges with continental India, the Tamils have done the same by their exchanges with peninsular India (especially TN.

    It is a fact that there were horrific pogroms, organized by Sinhalas against Tamils.

    It is a fact that Tamil political leaders who tried to bring about a peaceful resolution of the problems of co-existence, were caught between an unsympathetic Sinhala parochial class and an LTTE inspired terrorist movement.

    It is a fact that the RAW trained the LTTE inspiring much support within among the people of Tamizh Nadu.

    It is a fact that India put a stop to this when its own terrorist problem thanks to Pakistan inspired terror in Punjab began to raise its head.

    It is a fact that India attempted successfully to put the genie back in the bottle.

    It is a fact when the IPKF moved in to defend the peace it successfully disarmed the LTTE.

    It is also a fact that the IPKF but for a minor reverse in the Jaffna landing went on bring the entire Jaffna area under its control driving out the LTTE, all without using any arty or airpower.

    It is a fact that the parochial interests (typified by Premadasa chiefly, and the traditional landowning classes) alarmed by the rosion of its power conspired with the LTTE to attack the IPKF and its own political enemies. Ultimately Premadas fell victim to his own machinations.

    Whatever little sympathy the LTTE enjoyed post-IPKF in India was extinguished when it conspired with active SL parochial interests to kil Rajiv Gandhi in TN. As any sane Tamil Indian will tell you, "Much as the LTTE claims to represent the Tamils of the world we will never forgive them for killing our ex-PM one of our own on our own soil."


  9. 9


    After that a long line of SL politicians of dubious merit tried alternatively with and without Western (as well as Chinese) interference to buy out the LTTE and use it to harass India.

    Mahinda Rajapakse made a clean break with that nonsense. This would be Sri Lanka's war fought for Sri Lanka's interests and fully keeping SL's historic relationship with India in mind.

    India soft-pedalled its support to SL for five years from 2004 as the TN DMK has been a member of the national ruling alliance. The DMK and the Congress did not want any TN political group to obtain an excuse to bring up nativist sentiments. At the same time the ruling Congress party found a way to funnel Indian support to SL through sales of strategic weaponry, the usual training exchanges (which have gone on uniterrupted for decades including at the Bangladesh Staff College which provided a meeting ground for Indian and SL military exchanges.

    India also helped with the most important action that brought about the downfall of the LTTE, making it a question of when and not whether. SL being an island, it should never have been possible for a terrorist group like the LTTE to flourish. But it did thanks to its uninterrupted and intact sea lanes of supply. The SL and Indian military worked together to cut this line of supply far out on the high seas about 2,500 kms away from SL Once that was done it became a case toppling dominoes endlessly.

    When the 2009 Indian national elections got underway the SL military was still rolling up the LTTE strongholds. The SL military waited for a whole week for the election to end and on May 19th almost 18 years on to the day the LTTE murdered Rajiv Gandhi, SL announced that it had killed Velupillai Prabhakaran, who died unmourned in Tamizh Nadu.

    Discouraged by the newly found bonhomie with India a bunch of Bonapartists in the SL military attempted a coup against Mahinda, but that did not work out.

    So for now India and SL will try hard to take their relations forward, put the past behind and lay a foundation for the future.


    Shiv I hope you will let me post this long comment in two parts

  10. 10


    Ilangindiapriyan!!! Hope the day will not come when Mr. Rajapakse will be out and Mr. sharath fonseka will be in!!!!I feel definetly ISI and chicoms might have started nurturing anti indian forces in Sri Lanka!!!Today's news is that LeT has an operating base in Colombo!!!!

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    Believe me we have no desire to be aligned with india. i am sure by now every single srilankan knows of indian training the tigers and providing supplys. And we know who came to help us in our darkest hour, without any pre-conditions. Our proudest moment is when our sailer smashed your leaders face with his rifle.

  12. 12


    ^^^ true!!! How Lankans have been portrayed in Ramayana, so what can you expect from ppl with such background. Black in colour, wide mouth running from this ear to that ear,Large eyes…you know only demons have such features!!!!!A$$ hole,dont play in to those hands ,who helped you in your and our darkest hour!!! they didnt do it out of love for you!!!! Their intention is to sorround india!!!!

  13. 13


    ^^^then that is your problem :-), welcome to real politic. We only care about our own house not yours!!! We have our own aspirations, goals and these are not subservient to yours, ever. By having other friends and allies allows us to leverage our situation in an optimum way. Maybe you need to look at your owns actions and behaviour.

    Ps. we also have little regard for your history. Which mainly consists of being dominated for a millenia by the tribes to the west of you.

  14. 14


    @ 525 PM…do that to your new friends n be sure there wont be any Lankan Navy left!!!

    When a person becomes your friend only to further their own self can be sure the moment that interest changes can expect to be royally screwed…..
    dont believe me???wait for it…


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