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    Even if the rumor is true, it's not like the Indians would have told him the real truth.

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    Why does Mr Zelin have to act as Mikoyan's salesman ? Isn't he on an official visit here ?

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    Mr. Ra

    "The Russian general is understood to have conveyed that he was concerned about the reports since it showed that there was a concerted negative campaign to oust the MiG-35 from the competition."

    I can not say how he could have got such an impression. Perhaps even the normally existing competitive business practices might be giving impressions to some that concerted negative campaigns are being carried out to oust their product.

    As far as Mig35 is concerned, it may be the best among the competitors regarding its fusion within the forces. However in the combined technical and financial matters it may have to come out at the top or at least at par with the top.

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    @Abhid-d: Well that is what virtually most of the political and military leadership of the various countries that have a stake in this contract have been doing, Why should Col Gen Zelin be any different? Without going into who will win the contract or the comparative specs of each aircraft, its indeed nice to know of the sudden realization among the vendor countries' particularly of the dynamic role being played by India or its potential in the coming years..and how each of the aircraft is going to help India achieve its place under the sun. Most of such talk is nothing but hogwash and just the military industrial complex in these countries salivating at the thought of a potential 126 advanced aircraft sale – at least, the figure could go up to 200, in the present depressed business climate.IAF and MoD would do well to be not guided by the sales talk and various carrots being dangled our way by these countries, but make the selection purely on the basis of India's needs and threat perceptions. I hope that is not asking too much.

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    from reading this blog one would think that there was never a doubt about the negative view of the mig in the bought out indian "free" press. good job keep these corporate cheques rolling in and let the truth burn. congratulations for keeping the reports as free fair and balanced as fox news.

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    what the hell is going on here?is this professionalism?(given the story is right)

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    If Mig 35 is that good, according to Russian Air Chief, then why didn't he induct it in Russian Air Force???

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    Even Mig-35 or Gripen or F-16 or Typhoon or Rafale of Hornet fails the technical test, it's out of the competition. Simple. We Indians are not paying to get substandard stuff but the best stuff.

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    @Hari They dont induct Mig it in the Russian Air Force because they only make flying coffin's for other not for themselves.

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    Mig 35 has no chance …As for the russians .. thier conduct in the Su 30 MKI escalation case and the groshkov. Mi 17 blackmail case clearly shows the danger of having a all Russian fleet – We need to diversify our risks …..U cant stab us with one hand and then expect our unwavering friendship

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    Anon @ 9:43 am

    You sound like an agent-provocateur with an agenda.

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    @Anon9.43 am
    You have hit the nail on the head. Why did we pay more than 2 times for an AC that we bought only 3 yrs bk?

    It simply isn't safe to put all your eggs in one basket. Something which even the Russians won't touch shouldn't be forced down our throats. We are coughing out billions just for the development of Pakfa, we must not go any further.

    All these more than two to three times price increases only reeks of current state of Russia run by mafias and oligarchs.

    Today's Russia is a far cry from what it used to be under USSR. They are still banking on Soviet era tech.We must be careful how we deal with these Ruskies.

    You won't find any chief of staff peddling the wares produced by their country. This itself reeks of unprofessionalism.Men in uniform must be concerned with defending their country not acting as glorified salesmen.

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    the terminator

    Don't we have enough eggs in the Russian basket? We have agreed to cough up USD6billion for another expensive egg which might cost a lot more when it materializes.

    Is is so difficult to diversify our fighting assets? Do we also need the US fighters which are sanction prone?

    Won't we be the laughing stock of the whole International community in case our US birds cannot fly because Uncle Sam feels it is not fair to teach the terrorist talibans on our western front?

    So long as the US gifts the Pakistani beggars with offensive arsenal and billions of dollars to keep their ability to destablise India through ISI terrorist activities, India SHOULD NOT ALLOW the US into the 126 MMRCA DEAL.


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