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    hey shiv…Whether Rustom UAV can be armed with LGB developed by DRDO…???

    PLZ post about the LGB produced by DRDO

  2. 2


    reference to all up weight of 15 tons may be a typo. It seems like IAF is trying to buy Eitan-Israel or Reaper-USA or Mantis-UK etc

  3. 3


    The Navy better get involved with the DRDO in the development of Rustom HALE UAV. The RUSTOM MALE UAV is already flying. So there is no reason to go abroad shopping for HALE UAV's. RUSTOM is best suited. Go for it. Or is it that, the Navy that is appreciated for their long vision with respect to indegenous development is losing their long eye sight and myopic corruption creeping in with political support? If the Navy has the same vision and vigour that their previous leaders had, then they will surely go ahead with the Rustom HALE UAV rather than go to import stuff.

  4. 4


    This one is for the Global Hawk. The specs, ceiling and endurance are custom made for that bird.

    They have either the US, a yet to be developed Israeli or a european product in mind.

    DRDO does not have a prototype of a HALE uav yet.

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    Absolutely no need for the Navy to look out for a HALE UAV, unless some of the officers are thinking of kick backs. What the Navy needs to do is a feasible study to see if the UAV is capable of launching Anti shipping sea skimming missile.

  6. 6


    The international vendors know that india is just wants to take a look at the technology…..don't be surprised if no one comes in

  7. 7


    Rustom is years away form induction.
    If they Navy needs to buy from abroad then so be it. It doesnt need armchair experts telling it what it needs to buy.


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