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    I think Raytheon is offered SM3 with Ageis systems to india for 7 nos frigate , which india planned to build , even though india places many orders with US , US still supports directly /indirectly the brutal terrorist child pakistan for nothing .

    Shiv , some news says Obama will push UN permanent site for settling kashmir in favour of pak .
    instead of giving our heart to these demons(pak) , India can blast itself by its own weapons .
    India don't need any useless UN seat by giving its one of the state to these mongrels.

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    Smart blogger and a journalist !!

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    shiv, this is excellent. impact. the fact that raytheon is embarrassed and edited the offensing brochure is excellent for your blog. more power.

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    Please stop those nonsense people posting their comments on this blog anonymously or with fake name…

    Do something so that their account will be verified through their mobile by sending verifying-code.

    Some peoples are visiting this blog are non-state actors. We should not give them rights to make us joke.

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    Well Shiv, there you have it; another feather in your cap.

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    Let's not kid ourselves. What Raytheon had in that brochure was offensive. Not just to "South Block" but to any intelligent Indian. You can always look at it as a recognition of India's ballistic programme, but please — India is a democratic state. I'm not saying our polity is godly (it isn't), but anyone who can't tell the difference between India one the one side and North Korea/Iran/Pakistan on the other, is a little soft in the head. In this case, it was some redneck researcher who thought it was accurate to club all these stupid third world nations together. If you ask me, it's the little things that give us a rare glimpse into how the western world views the rest, and India is no different. This may be a minor thing in a brochure, but its implications are not cozy. You might just have gotten your hands on something very valuable here, Shiv. Valuable as far as understanding American policy is concerned.

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    Mr. Ra

    Once Paki goes out for ever, we may start believing the clarifications of such companies.

    Many of them in their maps show Kashmir with paki and sino or as a separate or divided and disputed zone, as if we do neither have the hearts nor the souls.

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    Shiv Aroor,
    Does Raytheon's Javelin Anti tank missile deal will be inked during US ' president's visit to delhi .

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    Suggest you go a little easy on the redneck bashing. A lot of rednecks come from families with a service tradition, and as a rule have a grandfather here and a granduncle there who have served with Indians in WW2 – Burma, Italy, N. Africa etc. So they can be surprisingly well disposed towards India, and are appreciative of concerns over terrorism and that state that shan't be named. It is the nachna-gana, "Bollywood" loving types who can be surprisingly blockheaded and start lecturing you about the need to embrace nuclear disarmament!

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    Binay aka Aliph Ahmed from why are you trolling an Indian website


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