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    I wish INS Mysore had fired a Kh-35 on PNS Zulfiqar , sinking it completely and the chinese destroyer should have been spared to tell the bloody fate of the Paki ship to the whole world 🙂

    By the way i suppose that INS Mysore has on Kh 35 and no Brahmos or KLUB missiles ??

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    this is enough to tell pakistan dont mess with us. INS Mysore carries 16 Kh 35, 5x 533mm torpedoes and all that stuff an Indian Navy Frontline Warship need. totally agree with pranav. even at one time Ins Mysore's XO has think about that

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    This is the closest the any Paki ship can ever get to any Indian ship. They must have been in awe of INS Mysore.

    PNS Zulfiqar should know how lucky she was that she did not meet INS Mysore in wartime or she would have been history.

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    Guys, stop talking tough, we have a history when it comes to talking and none when it comes to doing. Thanks to our spineless babus…. We alwasy say, next time if you do this we will do that…. guess what after all these years, that next time is still to come. Also, I must say that though INS Mysore is well armed to fight, can we say for sure that PNS Zulfiqar has no teeth? All I am saying is there is no need to bad mouth any one.

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    Mr. Ra

    PNS Zulfiqar may go the way Zulfiqars went and take the taxpayers money with it.


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