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    Good Riddence for IN ..its time for state of the art ships.we should have done it erlier.

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    Heart stirring images 🙂

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    when we can refurbish 30 year old gorshakov and name it vikramaditya in new avataar,why we cant we do the same to madame vagli???

  4. 4


    Its three screws made it noisier than most Western designs. Moreover, the Foxtrot class was one of the last designs introduced before the adoption of the teardrop hull, which offered much better underwater performance. The Foxtrot class was completely obsolete by the time the last submarine was launched. The Russian Navy retired its last Foxtrots between 1995 and 2000

    Its a vintage platform good for muesuem or target practic for our new sub rockets recently developed. The third option is to scrap it.

  5. 5


    oyee INS VIKRAMADITYA can be considered new cause of the reburfishment infact it was never used much and is bing reburfished…also u dont get aircraft carriers for 2 billion$ a single USS NIMITZ will cost u 4 billion$ beat tht……..

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    Beautiful boat. A relic of 1960s cold war era. India must collaborate with France, Germany and Russia to build completely new subs from the scratch. In today's world, technological knowhow is even more potent than actually possessing weapons system.

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    So the Indian submarine fleet shrinks to 14. Meanwhile new acquisitions proceed at snail's pace. Soon South Korea and Japan will have larger submarine fleets than us.

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    I think the induction of atleast 4 arihant class N-submarines by 2015 as is planned and soon enough the Nerpa class submarine which is due on lease would more than offset the capability loss as a result of the de-commissioning of these obsolete but yet venerable foxtrot class submarines. That said and done..we should be grateful to the services rendered by these submarines over the years. Hope better defence procurement policies and planning ensure that there is no scenario in which we are playing catch up with our adversaries but leading the game, a laughable thought given the sad state of affairs especially with regard to submarines of IN at the moment. Lets hope the upgradation of Kilo class subs in Russia, induction of the 4 arihant class n-subs by 2015, the 6 scorpene class subs (with AIP propulsion, as is being discussed now by 2018)and also the Nerpa sub, alongwith a second line of conventional subs being planned lead to a more lethal submarine force, and lets not forget that we are also building long range submarine launched ballistic missiles,which without a doubt will improve the lethality of the submarine force. Jai Hind!

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    Keeping a sub fit for a museum operational this long is a true testiment to the Indian Navy's maintainence and dedication of the crew. Sub's structurally degrade much more quickly than surface vessels. Anyway the Indian sub stable is very low on numbers and needs to be doubled by 2015. I can't see how this is done unless manufacture of the second-line of subs (in addition to the Scorpenes) is opened up to the private sector and some more Russian acquisitions (Oscars????) are made.


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