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    i thought MOD will bring in more private firms from india into game..anyways lets see how events unfold..

    btw i follow many blogs and the best thing about livefist is use of bold text wherever needed…

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    What in the hell was that?whats new about?all i could get from this is blah,blah,blah,blah!:@

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    A repeat bullshit, a great thanks to principal government leaderships.

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    Earlier the theft was unofficial now it is official. What can you expect when Chf of Army is accused of corruption and asked to be present before PAC? How competent is this current defense minister under whose tenure we are witnessing the highest level of corruption in the armed forces?

    The uber corrupt and incompetent Pvt sector will get all dual application tech for free which is going to be bankrolled by the impoverished Indian masses. Is it any wonder that we have failed to produce any new entrepreneurs after independence? The ones that we have produced are the products of corrupt license Permit Raj. These nouveau rich "Pvt sector" have no competence or credibility. Their USP lies in managing the biz env (brought out in Nira Radia/ 2g scam)by greasing the palms of uber corrupt babus and netas.
    We must ensure that there is open competition and no freebies for anyone thru the backdoor. Defense procurement is the next mother of all 2G scams with monkeys like Anthony as defense minister and thieves like Gen Kapoor as Chf of Army.
    Mera India is indeed mahan. If we continue with this kleptocracy, that day is not far when India will break up like USSR.

  5. 5

    mathew dallas

    Very Sorry,about Vikas, may he RIP. I sincerely hope the Government takes care of things(family etc;) in an exceptional manner.
    And about the new Defence Production Policy, I thought that only the ministers were ignorant, now I have a strong feeling that it is creeping down into society as a whole. What else is guys like Pradeep Kumar and Dr. K V Jacob doing at the rat hole(South Block). Now my fears have come true, exactly as in 'Arming without Aiming'.
    As i did mention in an earlier blog, this whole system will have to be weeded out and India has to start anew, if not, the desi 'tejas' will be pitted against the CHENGDU.(And by the way, without a FCR, since Israel has been blocked from selling that to India). hmmm..that sounds interesting.

  6. 6

    Prasun K. Sengupta

    The booklet is just an on-the-record codification of the Indian MoD's procurement norms, procedures and policies. It is indeed long overdue and copies of these booklet will be distributed to all existing and potential vendors (local and foreign), this becoming a mandatory practice from now on. Such booklets are published worldwide by several countries and now India joins the league. It is not about what was already known, but more about what has now been officially spelt out in writing, just like the DPP. Similar such booklets need to be published for public consumption, including those dealing with India's defence policy and threat perceptions, warfighting doctrines, and medium-/long-term force modernisation priorities, similar to what Australia and Turkey do, for instance. Enough of the cloak-and-dagger/behind-the-scenes closed-door briefings/seminars!

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    Satish Chandra

    Stealth or no-stealth, 5th generation or 4th generation, fighter aircraft are as obsolete for India's defence as bows and arrows. They can be used against neighbors such as Pakistan and China but the United States is EVERYBODY'S neighbor. It has already invaded and occupied Afghanistan, a part of traditional India and will expand its occupation to the rest of the subcontinent. I am India's expert in strategic defence and the father of India's strategic program including the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program. The U.S. invasion of Afghanistan means the coast-to–coast destruction of the U.S. by India; see my blog titled 'Nuclear Supremacy for India Over U.S.', which can be found by a Yahoo search with the title, for what India needs to do. Russia and other white countries are U.S. allies. These are the enemies to destroy. All other enemies will be taken care of automatically. Conventional arms are worthless for destroying the United States. Nuclear arms to destroy the United States with a FIRST STRIKE — this is the key — are cheap and easy to produce with technology India already has. All the money earmarked for fighter aircraft etc., and more, must be pumped into research, development and production of missiles able to deliver India's nuclear warheads — in the thousands — to the continental United States. India's missile scientists & engineers should have tested such missiles to their full range decades ago — everything else, including short and intermediate range missiles and missile defence, is secondary and tertiary — but have not done that because of prohibitions by India's C.I.A.-controlled governments. This must be done on a war footing; the first step is to destroy RAW through which the C.I.A. rules India; see my blog. Producing such weapons in the thousands and very quickly is important. This means that the vast majority of them must be land-based, including road and rail-mobile, missiles rather than submarine-based which take a long time to produce.
    Satish Chandra

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    mathew dallas

    @Father of non-sense. Are you discussing the Govt of India defense production policy or is it your new novel?

  9. 9


    Dear Prasun,

    I think what you are saying is that the book will make the defence purchases guided by the principles in the book instead of by hidden dealings of the high and mighty.

    That is so comforting. Now we have a book to protect us which only a select few countries have. Let us use this book to ward off our enemies who cross our border at any time of their choosing.

    We dont need any weapons to protect us for whose decisions we keep going in circles on for a decade. We now have the book.

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    Shiv, please have a look at the following and its implications…


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    Can I have a PDF copy of "Defence Production Policy 2011" ??

    Or from where we can buy the guide?


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