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    mathew dallas

    Way to go IAF! Clear the Indian skies of the junk from Russia and where else? And imagine the Indian skies with C-130Js, P8is, C-17s, (F-16s , or F-18s,F-35s, F-22s?) and then, the only thing missing will be the RED WHITE and BLUE.

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    Most probably I've seen this sircraft flying over b'lore over the OLD HAL airport on this Monday…And one LCA in the white Paint scheme like PV 1 & 2..

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    No Air refueling ? will there be an free upgrade later since it was not a part of the original one ?

    any inputs on that shiv?

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    Take a look at this..from Lockheed's Pics.


    it shows aerial refueling rod.. but yours don't..

    Wow!! now is that a scandal in the making ???

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    Thomas Manimala

    Mathew, please have a bit patience, we will come to the desired level, let our politicians understand the requirement without kickbacks and the need of the hour is aircraft for waging war not for airshow.
    i also hope u had been in IAF.


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    Well congratulations IAF for acquiring this beauty. Though there had been talks that the Aircraft does not have a the complete critical equipment (which I dont how far is true), this qircraft would be a force multiplier for Special Operations. Capable of making high speed precision drops even in pitch balck conditions, this aircraft could supplement verey effectively any special operations being done by the Indian Special Forces. Though its being potrayed that intially GARUDAs would have the advantage, I guess a SOCOM (Special Operations Command) needs to be establised to bring into its ambit all special operations units with the army, navy and the airforce.

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    Probably your C-130Js have refueling ports compatible with refueling boom, not hose. The same goes for P-8Is you've purchased. Now all IAF has to do is to buy airtankers with refueling booms and problem will be solved. BTW C-130 on these photos have no electro-optical system although its empty port is clearly visible in a nose section. Hasn't particular system been chosen yet or IAF decided not to equip their C-130Js with such device? In case of the latter it will narrow down possible combat applications of these planes.

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    Second possibility is its aerial refueling probe is removable and to some reasons it hasn't been installed yet or will be only to conduct specific missions.

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    Prasun K. Sengupta

    Both the AAR probe and FLIR pods will be retrofitted IN-COUNTRY at Hindan. These are plug-on components and are as a matter of practice NOT fitted during ferry-flights.


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