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    Today, towards south of HAL Airport in Bangalore saw Tejas preparing for its show at AeroIndia 2011. It was an aewsome sight. The strides that it has made since the shows of 2007 AeroIndia is beyond compare. In fact the displays will make it hard for any of the Gripens, Eurofighters, Fs to outgun it. The reports on Tejas slated to put up an almighty performance at AeroIndia are absolutely spot on, in fact better than one can imagine. Have a very bad video of this display today but in any case Here comes the Tejas.

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    Mr. Ra

    Good luck to Tejas.

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    @Shiv Please do post high definition images as well as videos.

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    HAL is being made Bakara !!!! The plane is designed by ADA!!! it is ADA's responsibility to prove all the weapon systems aboard !!! HAL builds the plane as per ADA's design.
    I think ADA will try to wash his hands off witha half baked cake…as is the case with every other DRDO it Prithvi,Agni,Arjun..INSAS…etc…

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    with an AESA radar, BVR capability the Tejas will be a very potent aircraft in large numbers.

    the only concern is the range of the aircraft and hopefully Mk2 can address that.

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    they can't even fit ready made radar and missiles to it

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    Just read a report in TOI commenting on how the TEJAS is late n overpriced…
    they lamented how the it will have cost 13k crore..but still does not have an indian engine..of course not mentioning that nowhere has a country moved from 2G a/c to an a.c with the systems the TEJAS already has in place at only $2.8bn ..the example they give is of the Gripen developed at 12.6K crores..forgetting that SAAB had previously developed the Viggen which was retired only in 2005…(although the gripen came into service in '96 after having a first flight in '88)

    Talk about telling the truth but still lying!!!

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    Aree yaar!
    These sights make me wish that I could just drop work and rush to Bangalore.
    Please do post hi-def vids for those of us who cannot make it to Bangalore.

    @Anon 6:48.
    Weapon systems are not Lego blocks which just snap on.Weapons systems/avionics integration are one of the most crucial and tough assignment in any fighter programme.More so when there is a mix of domestic and foreign stuff.

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    Every road side mechanic can switch tyres, put in new bulb, maybe even a music system.

    These lazy DRDO types take ages even to put in readymade engine and radar.

    Sorry Shiv, your blog might have educated other people on the complexity of design of fly by wire unstable platforms, the system integration between radar, OLS, navigation systems, weapons systems etc etc, and lot of other things… BUT… Im determined to be an idiot and all the knowledge in the world can do little to change me.

    My next great height of idiocy – "My son can draw a fighter plane in less than a minute, why do these ADA idiots need 30 years?"

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    Are you one of the three idiots? 🙂

    Very informative blog for lay persons such as myself.

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    I am happy that the LCA is up and flying. I do wish that Production be privatized and not left in the hands of HAL. Committed orders with a couple of private production lines should do the trick now.

    This is an achievement for DRDO. Could they have done it faster and in lesser time. Probably yes.

    But hey..they have done it!! Let us celebrate.

    Anon @3.24 – you should add /sarcasm tag to your post..lest u end up enraging those DRDO die

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    Awesome news and amazing work to all from DRDO, ADA, IAF, IN and every other org involved. The anon comments are from palpitating Pakis or numbskulls that have no clue about making warplanes. If you are an indian pls educate yourself, can't say that even for the porkis..


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