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    I thank God for helping you to reach Cairo.

    The thought " whether it is worth to risk one's own life in another country" still persists me.

    Your writing "to get it out of my system" is extremely good.

    Wish you a safe journey back to India.

  2. 2

    Rahul Devnath

    Writing is always a personal form, unlike a TV Reporting. This superb piece surely makes you feel right in the action. The Drama, the heart pumping adrenalin is immaculate. Thanks Shiv, for putting it up. Godspeed for future endeavors.

  3. 3


    hahahaaaaaaaaaaa! phat gayi kyaaa!

  4. 4


    Insane experience Shiv! Take care and talk to you soon.

  5. 5


    Great work mate.

    Your impression of the rebels and similar reports by other journalists makes one wonder if they are really an alternative to Gaddafi.

    The answer to a repressive regime is not random youth or organisations to take to arms and run amok.

  6. 6


    Looks like, you took the ride for just thrill. What was the objective of this ride/trip ?

  7. 7

    Mr. Ra

    The brave you are.

    The peoples's democrats shall form their temporary revolutionary government at Bengazi and around. They should defend themselves like Leningrad and yearn for the global popular support and for the formation of the "No fly zone" whenever they come in to vogue.

  8. 8


    But on whose side you were!!! seems to be with rebels…journos wont take sides? saddam fell,Iraq left by US to its doom… mubarak has gone…Egypt is in disturbed state…
    why we should expect Qaddafi also to go?what is that all these ppl want? Anarchy in the name of demonocracy and tsunami like corruption scandals?

  9. 9


    Looks like the Indian Army needs to train this desperate revolutionary wannabes. These people should learn from us Asians and try to conserve their ammos, not to mention its pathetic to be seen aimlessly shooting their weapons into the air and chanting Allah! In any case, I don't think this group of thugs are going to be any better than Gadhafi. So the World is better off dealing with the devil they already know – which is what actually is happening now. The West's and the rest of the World's anti-Gadhafi rethoric is just that, and Gadhafi knows it.

  10. 10


    Stability is the first requirement for any population to thrive. Don't really like Qaddafi but unemployed graduates don't really have any clue whatsoever about how to run a country. All they know is how to get frustrated. Eventually one corrupt guy will be replaced by newer set of corrupt people that's all.

  11. 11


    Your details are real life. Seeings stoned rebels and air raids and people dying in hospital is moving experience. I am glad that you communicated it to all of us. Your version of the story helps get a fresh perspective. CNN the other day was showing rebels being engineers , doctors etc. however Libya has its share of stoned rebels as well.

    Being in middle of war will be life changing experience you.

    Stay safe and thanks to you to bring this out to us.

    – Puneet

  12. 12


    What is a point in doing such a thing.

    why cant you embedded with Para SF in Kashmir?

  13. 13


    Very many years ago, I had spent hard academic years completing my M.Phil on Middle East. The tumultuous 60s which gave birth to the Gaddafis or the predecessors of the Saddams and Mubaraks were followed by the calm bought with the oil bonanza of the 70s. So many years later, the wheel of political development which seemed to have come to a grinding halt in the Middle East seems to have shuddered to life through the tapering of the very same oil bonanza. We are at the cusp of Middle East history when the Rentier state will soon start dying out and these are the first tremors of a massive earthquake that will shake many a political system. You are privileged, and courageous, to have been there at the birth of a new phase which, even if it dies out soon, will be lessons that will shape the governments of the Middle East. Many an Indian journalist wrote and pontificated (including myself!) on global events when we had neither the resource nor possibly the courage to go up close and see the world in transition. This was indeed a brave journey! Bravo Shiv.

  14. 14


    Ras Lanuf RETAKEN !!


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