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    the IAF is irked but the dassault guy did not do anything wrong imho

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    Rs 20000, wow.. big deal !!!

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    This is the third instance??They should also clarify that this instance is not directly related to MMRCA (on the cause side, but definitely will have an impact on the effects). Such news reports can suggest otherwise and such clarifications would be highly appreciated

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    Ravi Khanna

    Bribe for Rs 20000/- is not the issue.. In India there are more cases in cRORES.. iNDIA SHOULD THINK ABT THE TECHNOLOGY WHICH THEY WONT GET FROM US.. India needs technology why care abt little money… There are many cases of bribies in india from the start of bofors scandal… Think Think Think India Technology or US-India buyer suplier relationship… And no source codes then why wasting billions… no AESA Rada why waste billions…

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    the terminator

    Gerrymandering is part and parcel in any mega deal as it is inherent in all political dealings.

    Notwithstanding the fact that there is suspicion on Rao, that should not in any way become another scandal for the exclusion of the French aircraft if it is found to be the best in terms of technology, TOT and without the sceptre of undue political pressure and blackmail.

    The MOD should not buckle under gutter journalistic pressure which ofter sensationalizes scandals conceptualized by disgruntled losers in mega defence deals.

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    @Anon: 2:37, 20,000 is a big deal! THAT IS CALLED CORRUPTION! It starts four Zeros and ends up with more ZEROS!


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